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Live representatives were making calls and processing manual payments for patients over the phone. Accounts receivable lag was high and outbound calls were never-ending. This process was inefficient, labor-intensive, and created issues with PCI compliance.

PPS was introduced, making automated outbound calls to each patient and notifying them of their balance. The patient now follows automated prompts to process the payment over the phone. They receive a confirmation number when the transaction is complete.

A short, simple, and professional process is now underway to help reduce costs and deliver routine payment calls. This saves valuable staff time while ensuring security with patient information.

Academic Medical Center Uses PPS to Reduce A/R Lag

Allow your patients to pay over the phone, online, or over the phone

Recent changes to the PCI DSS now include your entire VOIP telephone network when dealing with credit card data. The IVR Pay-by-Phone virtual terminal is secure and compliant with regulations that govern storing, processing, and transmitting payment card information.

Key features of Phone Payment Solutions

Customers call into a customer service center to make a purchase. The customer service agent transfers the customer to an IVR Pay-by-Phone virtual terminal where payment is accepted.  The customer is then passed back to a live attendant after the completion of the electronic payment.

Outbound IVR
Custom IVR systems generate collection calls or payment reminders based on the account data provided by company accounting or billing systems. The option for customers to pay by phone is made available via the IVR Pay-by-Phone virtual terminal.  The caller can request to be transferred to a live agent from within the outbound call.  Upon completion of a transaction, payment information is communicated back to your accounting system. SMS Texting methodologies are also a viable option for outbound notification when considering payment solutions for your company.

Web Payment Portal
Add a secure payment portal to any company website. The customer logs in using account information and submits payment via credit card or e-check. The Provider is then able to list payment URL on patient statements to encourage payments in real time. The customer can print a receipt or receive a copy via email.

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