IVR Best Practices

At IVR Technology Group we understand how important the Scripting and Dialogue of your application is. Your company’s voice is represented and communicated through the IVR application you implement. Our professional team will assist with the following:

  • Call flow design
  • Scripting and dialogue
  • Voice selection
  • Menu choices and selection

Effective IVR applications follow certain standards:

  • Speak the option first, then state the action
  • For example, “To place check stock availability, please press one”
  • Appropriately reflect the customers that use your IVR application
  • For example, if ABC Medical Company allows their customers to order supplies by phone the initial prompt should s[tate the purpose and may say: “Thank you for calling ABC Medical Company Supply order system. Using the buttons on your telephone, you can order any supplies you need. For medicine orders, press one…”
  • Use short and concise dialogue  (less time on the phone means more money saved)
  • Prioritize menus selection, stating the most popular menu choices first
  • For example, If  75% of all your callers want to check shipment status and the rest want other options, then obviously shipment status should be first on the menus selection.


There are many other components to consider when scripting your IVR application. Whether you’re looking to have a new IVR application designed, built and hosted, or just looking for help with your script and dialogue, IVR Technology Group is ready to help.

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