What people are saying about IVR Technology Group

“IVR has been a great resource within our lead management strategy. Their operation and systems are easy to use and flexible and their customer service is excellent.”

“RESULTS! IVR delivered “big-time” beyond our expectations. They provided professional guidance and support from program concept to execution. Great team to work with.”

“IVR has been a wonderful partner, helping us to create sophisticated on-demand IVR applications for our clients. The IVR team listens to our needs and operates with the utmost professionalism and responsiveness.”

“IVR provides the highest level of customer service. Their services are reliable and engineered to provide the flexibility and scalability needed to support the needs of my growing healthcare business”

We consider the team at IVR an extension of our marketing and outreach team. We’re very pleased with the performance of the campaigns; anytime we can offer a value add, measurable, communication channel to our clients, we want to, and phone campaigns are a key component of our strategy. They are professional and reliable and I would definitely recommend them to any brand or business looking to expand their reach.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with IVR for over four years. I know, because it’s happened, that they can quickly adapt to my needs and challenges, especially when my inbound switch goes down! They are always thinking out of the box and coming up with innovative, cost saving ideas. I have come to think of them as a natural extension of my business. I’d be lost without them!”

“As our company has moved forward in building and launching with our primary customer interface being tied to IVR we can not say how pleased we are to have chosen IVR to spearhead the endeavor. Their knowledge, quality of service, and follow through on critical presentation points and timing has provided tremendous benefit to making our launch a successful endeavor. When quality and commitment is the benchmark for a critical business component then I believe IVR is the right option.”

“Harmony partnered with IVR several years ago to roll out a Medical Office Automated Appointment Reminder Call Solution called iConfirm. We had very specific requirements to meet our customer’s needs and the team at IVR stepped up and delivered just the right solution. From the executive management team to technical staff engineering the solutions, everyone at IVR displayed the utmost in professionalism. They listened to our needs and did their best to meet them. I would highly recommend IVR to anyone.”

“Thank you…for being a true partner in our business. I’ve been in the business for 20 years, have worked with many vendor partners and never have valued a relationship more then the one we have with IVR. They make it a point to understand your business plans/strategies and they incorporate into their plans to ensure your success. Their unbridled professionalism, enthusiasm to add value, state of the art technology, and completely client friendly atmosphere all occurring at the same time makes IVR a tremendous organization! We truly appreciate the dedication and value our partnership with your organization!”

“Many businesses have multiple locations spread across the US and most, if not all, have a website with a location finder to help consumers find their establishments. The issue is, not everyone has access to a computer with an Internet connection, but, everyone certainly has access to a telephone. So, Oreck.com decided to work with IVR to provide our consumers a 100% outsourced solution for an IVR Dealer Locator. Consumers can simply dial a toll free number, enter their zip code and immediately become aware of locations near them. IVR did a tremendous job! This was one of the most painless implementations in my long career in telecom”

“Building a relationship with IVR is a must have for companies looking for either standard or creative technology solutions. The IVR team helped us build a better relationship with my own customer base by delivering a cost-effective solution that their team customized to meet our specific business needs. One terrific partner that takes the time to understand what you need, simplifies those needs and always makes it happen… no matter how complex a project at first seems.”

“IVR has been a supplier of both inbound/outbound messaging and multi-location call routing and management services to client companies for many years. In almost every case, the services provided by IVR have increased based upon excellent performance and reliability. And, as clients learned to take advantage of the growing list of call management services that the company provides. IVR has also become a very welcome partner and contributor to client program success.”

“IVR built a great content management system (CMS), allowing us to spread the maintenance and update responsibilities across all the departments involved, through password protected access thus empowering the departments to add and update information on their own with solid support from the IVR Web Team when requested. Their Web Team was a pleasure to work with and has been extremely responsive and fast on updates, additions and changes as our maintenance contract continues. They are extremely knowledgeable and continue to develop new CMS modules to make the system more efficient and the presentation of info on the website more effective. I would highly recommend IVR to anyone who needs a professional, top quality website, no matter what the complexity.”

“When the Scottsdale, Arizona branch of the USPS needed to accept thousands of inbound telephone calls to allow people to register for an event and realized their call center was way too small to handle this traffic, they turned to IVR to get the job done. They knew this event was coming, but underestimated the call volume and call in periods. IVR quickly reviewed their call flow and, within days, created a turn-key application, to collect names and registration times, all just in time! They even took advantage of our in-house transcription service so they received the callers name immediately, along with their scheduled session time. I’m extremely pleased with the service your company provided; in particular, the outstanding service provided by your staff.”

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