We had the privilege of attending the LSA 15 show in Los Angeles two weeks ago. We spoke with many attendees, industry partners & marketers. From these conversations, we realized how we could best serve our own partners & customers — by providing custom turnkey solutions. We also learned that so many people face issues with big data analytics and with managing these marketing and campaign efforts for the best returns on investment.

Besides understanding customers and their marketing channels, there is also a growing difficulty in providing customers the true Omni-channel experience while still providing a centralized view of marketing dollars spent.

Many have also seen a major increase in the decentralization of their organizations’ digital marketing, but struggle with trying to maintain a strong, centralized brand.

Because of our experience in working with street-level intelligent call routing, we have a full understanding of working our solutions in terms of a centralized or a decentralized model.

We have helped many organizations to strengthen their brands by giving them one single phone number to use on all of their main marketing efforts. Our clients are also able to utilize our patented call routing solutions to decentralize their call delivery to provide consumers with an important, local feel.

These custom applications work perfectly for brands that have multiple local presences and, in some cases, tens of thousands of locations across the country. Our hybrid solutions enable brands to tailor their marketing campaigns and call measuring goals in ways that produce results, instead of relying on a more generic approach that uses a one-size-fits-all call tracking dashboard.

While our organic approach takes more time and effort to build, we’ve learned that taking the time to understand how our customers’ businesses work and how they measure their goals and returns it is always more effective.

To us, this is the true way to garner the success of all the marketing efforts. Through the years we have also developed ancillary solutions that will complement the product lifecycle or complete a sale process for many industries.

Take Compass Pay, our automated payment solution as an example. Compass Pay can customize to work via phone call, through text message, or on a web page – all according to your customers’ preferences. Providing an automated payment option has proven itself to be a great tool for many retailers, especially those that have a history of aged collection issues.

Our customers often discover new ways to improve their applications by customizing our IVR and telephony tools. This is another key differentiator between us and other companies in the industry.

While we also face the same industry challenge of mobilization, we have been helping our customers prepare to succeed by providing them with the tools they need to evolve and successfully adjust their current marketing efforts to excel despite these new trends. All of our tracking numbers are text enabled and, by combining with our visual IVR solutions they provide consumers the option to stay in mobile and texting environment.

The combination also helps our customers preserve leads that may otherwise be lost due to frustrating callers getting impatient while waiting in a call queue. We truly believe that, with the use of the right automation, our customers can gain insight into their marketing efforts, create better customer experience and increase their brand loyalty. We are also integrating with many of the industry lead media performance platform to provide our customers the true one-stop, centralized view to their marketing efforts.

We encourage you to visit our blog and sign up for our newsletter for more information on call tracking and our product’s new features. We are excited to continue to share all the new developments that are in the works. Please comment, link to us in your blogs and provide feedback so that we may keep improving to serve you better!