Customer Feedback with IVR & Web Surveys

Collect valuable feedback with iSurvey360

Our comprehensive web and IVR survey solution will show you how customers, employees, and partners perceive your brand, services or products by administering surveys or polls via the web or phone.

Conduct your customer satisfaction surveys via three channels:

Outbound dialing system, Inbound feedback collection number, Web collection via e-mail

Benefits of using iSurvey360

Measure and analyze your customer’s satisfaction

Proven higher response rates allow you to identify negative and positive trends.

Our simple set up allows you to create your survey quickly.

Multiple language options to accommodate a wider range of potential respondents.

Receive immediate alerts for unfavorable responses via SMS, e-mail, fax or instant message.

An automated administration method eliminates interviewer bias, enabling you to collect 100% honest feedback.

Secure Results from your IVR Surveys

Your results are stored safely in our secure portal, so you can access them at any time. We prepare detailed reports for you and can integrate your data into your existing business intelligence software – we can work with Crystal Reports, SAP, SAS, Excel and more. Review your collected results to come to actionable conclusions on how to improve your overall business.

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Product Knowledge Testing & Certification
  • Service Evaluations
  • Post-Call Surveys
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employee Feedback Collection

Market Research, The Key to Your Success

Market research is a key component to the success of a business no matter the industry. IVR Tech builds & distributes surveys optimally & so that the maximum number of usable information is gathered. Use our IVR surveys or our web surveys to help you with product development, improving customer relations, measuring internal satisfaction & more.

Perhaps more importantly, we know how to deliver the collected information back to you so that you can make sense of it & use it to immediately improve your business. Our custom reporting tools allow you to grab snapshots of your data in real time, graphically or statistically. Or, you can integrate our applications into your system to seamlessly gather & analyze your data.

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