On June 21, Good Morning America had a segment related to memes. In this segment, they wanted to find out if a photo of LeBron James crying would turn into a viral sensation.  A meme is defined as an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. In advertising, this is called brand awareness. Some aspects of this can be the design of a product’s logo, a catchy jingle, or the tagline in a commercial. Done correctly, customers will bring up a brand in everyday conversation. In the case of a meme, share it with a hashtag.

Done incorrectly…

This image was placed on GMA’s twitter account and displayed. Unfortunately, someone incorrectly identified Kermit the Frog as “tealizard”. This is especially odd because both GMA and The Muppets are entities of Disney, Kermit was even a GMA correspondent once. Fans of the lovable Muppet were hopping mad and took to social media to mock GMA with the tealizard hashtag. GMA and Kermit have since made peace with this mistake, but the hashtag continues to live on.

A successful branding campaign can raise awareness can raise awareness of a business, cause, or product. However, it should be done with careful planning and analysis to help track the campaign and fine tune it. Otherwise, it may never really get attention, like “smockin” (whatever that is). It’s not just limited to the internet, and social media, this covered all aspects of media; like a newspaper, or billboard, or even advertising your campaign on the side of a blimp.

Call Tracking with dynamic number insertion, attached to your marketing campaigns will provide solid call intelligence, your company will have everything you need to know about the effectiveness of your brand and how to fine tune it. For example, if more customers calling in response to advertisements run in one newspaper over another, it’s best for business to focus on which is getting the most attention. Call tracking analytics will be able to tell you which is more valuable, and provide information about the customer. Your business will track the phone number from where a customer called and will determine which advertising motivated them to contact you without having to ask.

Don’t wonder what is trending and leave it to chance, the results could be a disaster. Call Intelligence provides you with the knowledge of what a customer wants, why they called, where they called from, and how they found you, which provides a lot of valuable insight.

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