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Collect your money faster, make bill payment easier and increase customer satisfaction with IVR payment processing solutions.

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Whitepaper-IVR Payment Solutions-Receiving Payments by Phone
IVR Payment Solutions-Receiving Payments by Phone
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Convenient & Simple

Your customers want an easy way to pay their bills and you want to stop dedicating staff to making payment reminder or collection phone calls. A pay by phone tool makes bill pay simple.

Customers call one phone number, get their account information & make their payment.

The ability for your customers to make payments easily increases the likelihood that they’ll make them on time.

Security with PCI compliance

Maintaining PCI compliance is important for your customers, knowing their payment information is 100% secure. An over the pay by phone tool eliminates your customers’ fear that their payment or personal information may be stolen or compromised in any way.

A PCI compliant solution also means your company is protected from liability issues if your payment processing servers are not secure.

Streamline Revenue Intake

Your business works hard to earn money, you shouldn’t have to work hard to collect it, too. By using an over the phone payment tool, the collections process is simplified tenfold.

When your customers pay by phone, they can use any major credit card, debit card, ACH or echeck. Because your customers enter their own information, the likelihood of card numbers or personal information being transferred incorrectly is reduced.

Better Customer Experience

Your customers are happier and will pass your business’ name on to their friends and family. Offering a pay by phone option will help you deliver a customer experience worth talking about by providing the automated and self-service payment solution your customers want.

Giving your customers the ability to pay by phone will also help you stand out among all your competitors by adding to your customer experience. Happier customers can only mean good things for you, like increased loyalty, more referrals & reduced churn.

Increased Customer Loyalty

It’s more economical and much easier to reach existing customers than to attract new ones. However, just because your customers have purchased from you in the past doesn’t mean they’ll definitely make another purchase in the future.

In order to earn repeat business, you need to offer convenient, automated & self-service payment options that your competitors don’t. By enabling your customers to pay by phone, you’ll prove that you value their business, which will drive even more repeat purchases and increased loyalty.

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Collect your money faster, make bill paying easier and increase customer satisfaction with a phone payment solution.

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Statistics support the necessity of providing mobile payment solutions to your clients

Estimated number of people in the U.S. that own Smart Phones


By 2017, the expected percentage of people who own Smart Phones in the U.S.

U.S. mobile payments expected to grow to multimillions by 2019


Utility customers prefer to make a payment without logging into a system

Common Uses for a Phone Payment Solution

Inbound IVR

Customers call into a call center operation to make a purchase. The customer service agent transfers the customer to an IVR iPay virtual terminal where payment is accepted. The customer can also request to be transferred to a live attendant after the completion of electronic payment.

Inbound Payment Collections

  • Existing number activation
  • Inbound calling from anywhere of the country
  • Secure identity verification begins the payment process
  • Collected payment transactions are made in real-time
  • Payment confirmation is supplied over the phone

Outbound IVR

Custom IVR systems generate collection calls or payment reminders based off a customer’s individual account. IVR’s iPay Virtual Terminal allows the customer to make an immediate payment. The customer can also request to be transferred to a live agent. Once the transaction is complete, the customer’s account is immediately updated with the collected payment. SMS texting is also available for outbound notifications when considering a pay by phone option for your company.

Outbound Payment Reminders

  • Customize your out-reach reminder call
  • Enable your customer to make an immediate payment
  • Balances can be paid with credit cards or electronic check, payments are made in real time
  • Payment confirmation is supplied over the phone

Website Click-to-Pay

Customers may enter a telephone number from any company website. Upon submission, IVR’s iPay Virtual Terminal places an immediate call to the customer. A custom recording relays why money is owed and the total amount owed. After the transaction is finalized, the website is updated to reflect the customer’s new balance and the customer can print a receipt.

Mobile, Web or Phone Payments

  • Customers enter a telephone number from any company website
  • iPay immediate calls your customer
  • A custom recording gives account & balance info & transaction details
  • Balance info updates immediately & the customer can print a receipt for verification
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Use Case: Automated outbound telephone bill payment reminders

  1. Assign Toll Free or local number to send outbound SMS/Text bill payment reminders
  2. Send SMS/Text bill payment reminders via the cellular network
  3. Recipient can dial or text the “text from” number to contact the Pay-by-Phone system
  4. Caller can choose “Option 1” to make a Payment using the Pay-by-Phone virtual terminal, which is a compliant standalone service for Credit cards or eChecks and can be called directly or transferred from a live agent

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