Last night I had the privilege of seeing comedian Lewis Black at the Hard Rock Live Orlando. Many may know Lewis Black for his “Back in Black” segment on The Daily Show. He is also famous for his portrayal of Anger in the Disney/Pixar movie Inside Out. However, at his concerts Black’s humor tends to be a lot less family friendly.

Black’s act is somewhat philosophical in nature accompanied by psychotic ranting, yelling, and curse words. As is the nature of such a performance, some audience members feel the need to shout out remarks to encourage his ranting to do in a particular direction. It was my understanding that at previous performances, some venues had to post signs to warn the audience not to do this or risk expulsion. It’s understandable as the audience is watching a performance, and should respect the comedian and the venue. Lewis Black, and his opener John Bowman are professionals and don’t need outside help from rude members of the audience.

However, polite members of the audience are encouraged to participate. Just before the opening act two screens, on either side of the stage, will display the URL for Lewis Black’s tour. Upon visiting the site, on my phone, I found that I could enter a subject or question that could possibly be selected for Lewis Black to rant about. About 45 minutes in, Black reached for a tablet and ranted about a few statements that the audience in Orlando suggested this evening.

This reminded me of our product called TextEnable. TextEnable allows customers to send a text message to a computer or tablet for immediate response. In the business world, this allows customers to be able to send a text to an existing landline or toll-free business phone number.

The application of a program, like ours, was amazing to watch in real time. Now that I’d seen it used for a comedy act, I imagined the other practical applications that a program like TextEnable could do. It could streamline guest lectures; as a speaker would no longer struggle to hear a question from a member of the audience. Town Hall meeting would run a lot more smoothly. A large business would be able to get a text message from a customer, and let them know their voice was heard.