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Did you know?

Sharing visual content during conversations can boost comprehension and recall up to 600% …

True Visual Interactive Voice Response (Visual IVR) eases the pain of calls into frustrating automated phone systems. Offer your customer an instant 2-way, ‘Voice with Visuals’ sharing experience for smart devices and browsers during standard voice calls to your healthcare establishment.

Add a visual element into your existing IVR.

Visual IVR makes it Easy to …


Navigate, tappable visual menus



Submit visual content from mobile users



Understand, fast visual responses



Transfer to live agents for continued ‘Voice with Visuals’ collaboration and mobile customer service


Visual IVR Replaces Existing Voice IVR scripts

What is Visual IVR?

Visual IVR (VIVR) is the bridge that connects your customer’s path from beginning to end, no matter how it began. Visual IVR as an extension of your traditional IVR services.

VIVR allows for effective and successful self service and helps you to determine a caller’s intent before their call is even answered.

This offers unparalleled connectivity and saves you and your callers a lot of time. Experience Visual IVR Now!

How True Visual IVR Cuts Costs and Chaos in Healthcare

Webinar Recording:
Presented 5/11/2016


Benefits of Visual IVR


Allows users to call businesses in the normal way from any phone



Provides real-time interactive visual menus, visual responses, data and photo input in addition to voice response



Delivers seamless interactive 2-way voice and data experience



Allows easy upgrades to IVRs via only a script change and without breaking the IVR or requiring new hardware



Accepts enhanced caller ID for intelligent answer



Enables call and visual transfer to live agent with computer telephony integration (CTI) for smart data transfers



Leverages power of smart mobile devices and browsers



Allows legacy and new IVRs to offer multi-modal next generation capabilities while preserving their current DTMF (Dual-tone multi-frequency) and voice processing


Common Uses for Visual IVR

Use a true Visual IVR to easily collect all kinds of inputs including alphanumeric.  A true Visual IVR works with ANY phone and displays visuals on any device with a web browser including a smartphone, PC, Mac, or tablet.


Healthcare and Health Insurance

  • Health triage
  • Health assessments
  • Telemedicine
  • Explanation of benefits & bills
  • Case management
  • Medication adherence
  • Link to patient portal
  • Procedure scheduling
  • Automated sales


Healthcare and Insurance

  • Medication reminders
  • Telemedicine interactions
  • Appointment reminders,
  • Procedure notifications
  • Schedule changes

Any IVR Can Be A True Visual IVR With ChoiceView

Businesses are implementing today’s True Visual IVR products on top of, and without any change to, their existing telephony hardware and networks.

A simple and quick transformation of current IVR infrastructure ensures the same single telephone number remains functional to all callers for unified, cross-channel customer engagement

Let's strategize on how to incorporate VIVR into your existing IVR.