IVR Auto Attendant

Call Handling Simplified.

If you are looking to automatically manage inbound calls without the need of a receptionist, we can help. Our automated attendant service allows you transform the way you handle your calls. 

Key Benefits Of An IVR Auto Attendant

Press “1” to Transfer

Even with an IVR auto attendant, your customers may still need assistance from a live agent. In this case, your callers can press “1” and transfer to a live agent.

Multilingual Support

Interact with your callers in more than one language with an IVR auto attendant. You will eliminate the need to hire agents who can masterfully speak more than one language and still be able to effectively assist your customers.

Call Routing

Set up your IVR auto attendant to send calls to specific departments, management or people. Calls can be routed randomly, based on skill or geographically.

Speedy Response Time

An IVR auto attendant is essentially a computer that answers your phone for you. There is no lag time between calls, human error or the possibility of getting off track, resulting in a speedy connection to the right person.

Extended Hours of Operation

Your IVR auto attendant will not need to go home at the end of the day, so it can assist your customers who call outside of normal business hours.

Cost Reduction

The cost of a phone operator is significantly higher than an automated attendant service. Plus think about the amount of time an operator spends on the phone versus a caller being navigated through a simple menu.

Is An IVR Auto Attendant Easy To Use?

Meet Attendant

Step 1: Your IVR auto-attendant answers incoming phone calls, greeting callers with a customized automated message.


Choose Menu Option

Step 2: Your callers will hear a set of menu options and will press a button that corresponds with an action.

Route Call

Step 3: Your IVR auto-attendant will route the call to the appropriate location, and is instantly available to assist the next caller.

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