Exceed Customer Expectations

With a Cognitive Contact Center.

Designed For Customer Experience Success

Use Cognitive IVR to intelligently route callers across distributed agent groups and contact center locations based on business rules and strategies designed to maximize your resources and improve customer satisfaction. Cognitive IVR has one simple mission, outstanding customer experiences.


Hosted on our extremely secure cloud platform.


Easily manage diverse communication scenarios.

AI Inside

Powered by the leading technology, IBM Watson.

Save Time

Save agent time by gathering required information up front.

Simplifying Communications Just Got A Whole Lot Easier.

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Bring IVR Into The Age Of Artificial Intelligence

If you are looking to reduce costs and provide instant scalability when it comes to your contact center, look no further. Our team can help reduce agent re-directs through an automated IVR using Artifical Intelligence and enhance customer experience.

Simplify Management of Diverse Communications

Blueworx Unified Messaging supports advanced capabilities that drive communications efficiently and effectively. With Unified Messaging you can improve employee productivity and responsiveness while maintaining secure access to multiple communications channels.

Build A Better Customer Experience

Perhaps your communication strategy needs some adjusting. Our team is made of professional service experts that can help plan and organize an IVR roadmap to fit the needs of your customers as well as put together an application development and cloud migration plan.

Engage your customers in a conversation, rather than a menu.

IVR Technology Group + IBM Watson + Blueworx = AMAZING!

If you are looking to improve the quality of every customer interaction with confidence, you will need a roadmap to get you there. We can help develop that roadmap to help you meet the growing demands of customer’s expectation and provide them with a more efficient and natural interaction through Artifical Intelligence through IBM Watson. Discover the importance of a cognitive contact center and learn more about the immediate benefits and low-risk solutions and services involved. Download our white paper today.