Guaranteed quality, security and reliability in the cloud with Cloud Services

100% Uptime

Your team will never be held back by downtime and your customers will always be able to reach one of your agents. No need to purchase any new software, installation or training.

Improved Communication

Cloud-based IVR facilitates customer communication. Our skills-based routing feature allows you to send calls to your agents based on their ability to best help the customer. Your customer will be able to reach a live agent faster and they won’t have to sit on hold.


Your business’ needs can change on a dime. IVR Tech’s cloud hosted IVR can be altered at any time. This flexible solution allows you to increase or decrease your use at any time.

Increased Efficiency

Increase the efficiency of your contact center while minimizing operating costs. Internally, you can expect a flexible solution more reliable and secure with an improved experience for your customers. We host manage your contact center providing a seamless experience.



Our cloud-based IVR meets the safety and security standards set by the government and various industries including PCI compliance, HIPAA compliance, FISMA compliance.

Monitoring & Reporting

Stay on top of all cloud based IVR activity. We’ll provide you with exhaustive reporting that supplies you with results in real time. This data will allow you to identify trends, monitor and improve problem areas and ensure your cloud based IVR is running as it should.

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Hosted VoIP

VoIP service provider and automated telephony that is transparent, flexible and effective.

Call Center Solutions

All the benefits of a premise-based contact center, without the costs, delays or headaches.

Cloud PBX

Internet phone services where you can collaborate & communicate from anywhere.

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