We’ve shown how call tracking can be used to help find out who is calling, how customers found you, and where customers are calling from. It can help companies track phone calls by capturing information. This information is helping, once compiled, as it allows companies to know which channels of advertising are performing best. The information that it captures can also help agents answer calls more effectively when it’s utilized as a whisper message.

A whisper message is a brief message, which only your representative will hear, and it helps them better serve your customers. Before a call is connected to a sales agent, an automated system relays specific information about the caller so that they can know information such as where the customer is calling from, the reason for their call, and a customer’s account number. Your representative will provide better customer service when they have this information ahead of time.

Best of all, whisper messages can also save your business time and money. In a study sponsored by Cisco, it was determined that whisper messages could reduce your customers waiting time by as much as 43%. This could also lower the cost of your call by as much as 35%. That’s because it provides customer information in real time.

Yet, that’s only the beginning. Whisper messaging can provide information such as which advertising campaign motivated the customer to make a call. This allows agents to be able to apply information such as a sale, or discount if a keyword is mentioned. While the messages are brief they can also help sales teams get a heads up and figure out how to better tailor their approach and have a better chance to pique the interest of a lead.

Call tracking provides call insights about your customers and tracks a phone number. This call intelligence improves the quality of the phone call itself. When customer service agents get a heads up on a customer, they can serve them better and even know if there is a solution that would better serve the needs of a customer. Sales teams usually do a bit of extensive research on a lead when it comes to making a sale. When a call comes to them, and they know about the customer before the call begins, they have a better chance of closing the sale.

Essentially, call tracking and analytics take the guesswork out of who is calling. Learn more about what our call attribution solutions, Call Tracking 360 can do for you.