Call tracking is a great investment for your business which can provide a lot of benefits. Unfortunately, it can also come with its share of misconceptions. Tracking phone numbers can be confusing and even keep companies from reaching their true potential. We were even able to compile ten myths about call tracking, and then bust each one of them.

Myth 1: Call tracking is expensive

Our call tracking services are an investment that can save your company money. By assigning unique phone numbers to your various marketing campaigns, you can gauge where to invest your marketing efforts. With our call detail reporting, Call Outcome 360, you can find out which campaigns were the most effective and in the long run, save your company money.

Myth 2: It’s easier if a customer just visits my website

Your website may not have all the information a customer needs. If anything, the rise in smartphones has increased the number of calls a company will get. According to a study by Google, 61% of mobile searches result in a phone call.

Myth 3: My phone number will need to change

Branding, especially when it comes to tracking phone numbers, is important. Your company can keep the main number and, to better track your marketing efforts, new numbers can be assigned to you. We can help you get multiple numbers that can be routed to the same line.

Myth 4: Having different phone numbers will confuse people

It’s highly unlikely that customers will even notice you have tracking phone numbers. With the rise of smartphones, the customer could do a Google search, find and call your business with the push of a button. If it is an ad, the number could be separate from the ones used in other advertisements.

Myth 5: With click to call, no one needs vanity numbers

While smartphones do allow for click to call, it’s just one avenue your customers will use to find you. Other ways to advertise include billboards, radio ads, and television. A vanity number is a great way to provide branding for your product and is easier for your customers to remember.

Myth 6: I can just get a phone number from my local provider

Yes and no. Yes, you can get a phone number from your local service provider. However, it will be a lot more difficult to get data and figure out where you need to spend your advertising dollars. Not to mention, you wouldn’t get services like call whisper, call detail reporting, digital recordings of calls received, or many other features that call tracking and Call Outcome 360 provides.

Myth 7: Tracking phone numbers is harmful to SEO

This myth comes from the theory that Google lists multiple phone numbers for a search. As long as your call tracking numbers are not placed in your directory listings or business profiles, this isn’t the case. We can work with you so that search engines will find the numbers you want your customers to call.

Myth 8: Nobody has time for call tracking

Call tracking reports are easy to follow and updated in real time, so you can instantly know what’s working and what’s not. Also, call recording will encourage your agents to make the most out of every call.

Myth 9: Customers will hang up if they know their call is being routed

Call tracking software automatically routes a caller, it’s seamless so they won’t notice any changes. Since you’ll know who is calling via call tracking, you can follow up on leads that may have hung up before they reached a live person. This can be set up so that your staff can do a follow-up call or automatically with an outbound broadcast message.

Myth 10: Call tracking is difficult to set up

Setting up call tracking is quick and easy. There’s no need to install hardware or worry about upgrading your systems to get set up. As soon as you have the number you want, you can get started advertising with it.