Part of being successful in the self-storage industry is being able to fine-tune your advertising. Call intelligence reporting can allow your business to figure out how customers found your location and focus where to advertise. Unfortunately, this information alone can only do so much. Tracking incoming phone calls and responding to your leads are more valuable.

The bread and butter of your business are how calls are handled. The phones that your facility use are merely tools. The skills of your customer service agents and the ability to get to customers quickly is what is key. Time is truly of the essence and as each minute passes, so fades the chances of that lead still wanting your business.

Is time on your side?

According to a 2009 study, there are many factors to consider when following up on leads. It was found that certain days of the week better than others to get qualified leads. The time of day that calls were made is also a factor in gaining leads.  With all due respect to Dr. Oldroyd, his findings may not be the same as yours. With call intelligence reports you’ll be able to figure out which days of the week, and time of the day, calls are likely to come in. Then, it’s easy to prepare for the incoming calls. However there is another factor that should be considered, and it happens every time there is a missed call.

How long does it take to lose a lead?

Maybe your location was flooded with calls, or maybe your employees went to lunch. Life happens and sometimes even the best of customer service agents will miss an incoming call. The problem is not every caller is going to leave a message, and there has to be a way to follow up quickly.

According to the study, agents are 100 times more likely to reach a prospect successfully if a return call is made within 5 minutes compared to 30 minutes. The self-storage industry is quite competitive, and if sales have dropped, perhaps your agents need to work on following up. Fortunately, through the use of the integrated solution that Sitelink and IVR Tech provide, it lets us know who calls and when in real time. When a call comes in, it’s displayed as a pop-up on their monitors through a phone integration called Teletracker. If an operator missed a call, he could follow up promptly.

After hours are also covered.  All inbound calls captured by the Teletracker are logged in the system, so operators are never missed any important caller information from their after-hour operations. Was the call a regular tenant, or a first-time caller?  Details about each caller are provided to the store POS through the Teletracker feature.

Tracking incoming calls increases lead potential

Sitelink & IVR Technology’s integrated Teletracker solution provides real-time call intelligence reports that will increase your location’s earning potential. You will know how tenants learned about your store. With this process, the effectiveness of your advertising will be increased. Tracking incoming phone calls also improve the quality of your customer service. When operators can quickly follow up on a call, your potential customers will be more than happy to rent from your facility.

Track them or lose them!

IVR Technology Group, a leading call tracking company, has teamed up with SiteLink to roll out Calloutcome. This allows store managers to view inbound call tracking reports in real-time and have the ability not only to fine tune the focus of their advertising but make sure their agents follow up on incoming calls. This will allow you to follow up on leads, improve customer service, and map out the future of your business.

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