How can you make your company a household name? The answer is, of course, advertising. Businesses rely on billboards, ads played on radio and television, and print ads to get their name out there. While these methods are still in use today, mobile advertising is paving the way to the future and proving its value.

More people are relying on mobile devices than ever before. Nearly 70% of those mobile users have smartphones. To take advantage of this, companies will place a click-to-call button on their website which allows customers to contact them. The main benefits include:

  • Customers don’t have to remember numbers
  • Increase convenience for business and customer
  • The opportunity to track and save your calls automatically
  • Convert web traffic into direct telephone communications
  • Get detailed analytics about your callers
  • Advanced call routing to any phone
  • Ability to customize who receives calls with IVR automation features
  • Dial international calls with ease

To properly track which websites a customer used to find your click-to-call button, IVR Technology Group uses a technique called Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI).

The concept is covered with more detail in another post. We then provide reports to track your SEO and help you analyze how to improve it.

Pepsi demonstrated how customers love click to call on Twitter. They held a contest on Twitter in which customers had to push the click-to-call button on their mobile device. Entrants left a voice message for a chance to win a case of Mountain Dew Baja Blast. The Tweet itself generated close to 600 retweets and 3,500 phone calls were generated. In other words, the response to the click-to-call button was nearly 6 times higher than the response to Twitter.

To understand the impact of a click to call campaign, you’ll need to break it down with call analytics. This will tell you when, and how, customers found you.

Call analytics could also help you figure out where to put new locations.

With call analytics, you’ll know where the calls are coming from. Smartphones have the capability of broadcasting their physical location. This allows for click-to-call advertising to make adjustments based on the physical location of a customer. Calls are then routed, to a nearby location, in order to meet their needs.

Call analytics allow a company with multiple locations to determine where they are getting the most calls. They would even be able to find out which location needs more customers, and route calls if necessary. This information would also allow a company to figure out where to put in a new location.

Call Outcome 360 is our call tracking system that allows you to drive and develop strategies to reach your customers. With our comprehensive call analytics, we can help you to target customers. We’ll help customers find your company by billboard, radio or TV ads, or even at the click of a button.