Opening day for baseball happened this week. With this new season comes a new baseball commissioner, Rob Manfred. In an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press, he addressed some of the challenges that came with the job.

One of these challenges is getting viewers invested in the World Series. Manfred commented that while baseball was highest rated summer program in 11 markets, the postseason saw a decline. Going forward, Major League Baseball will figure out how to generate fan interest.

Pitch clocks are currently being tested in Double A and Triple A leagues. While they may may not make it to the Major Leagues for a while, if ever, testing their use will help the MLB determine whether or not a faster game will result in a greater ROI with more interest from younger viewers? That’s what the commissioner is trying to find out.

He’ll find the answers he needs by using analytics.

Your business is no different. By using analytics, you can create marketing campaigns that generate more interest in your business. By placing a unique phone number on your landing pages, for example, you can track what messaging generated phone calls and what didn’t. Likewise, you can use call analytics to determine when your media advertisements will be the most effective. What day of the week, or hour of the day, a customer calls can help you figure out exactly when you should run ads to get the most results.

Collecting call analytics provides you with the facts that will allow you to develop a strategic marketing plan that works for your business.

If you have a missed call, analytics reports can also show you which calls were disconnected before the caller reached a live operator. This information not only allows you a second swing at a caller, but also lets you see how often calls a missed call occurs. If you see that calls are regularly missed at a certain time of the day, or day of the week, you can make the necessary adjustments to prevent that from happening.

A great feature to use in conjunction with analytics is call recording. Call recordings can be easily added into a report and linked to a recording of the call as it happened, like instant replay. Hearing how your sales representatives interact with customers will provide valuable insight that allows you to identify struggling reps and coach them to improve their performance.

Analytics reports will also help you review the effectiveness of your company’s message. If it’s a swing and a miss, your company can use the information provided to make immediate adjustments to improve its effectiveness.