We’ve shown how assigning different phone numbers to media outlets like billboards, newspapers, or radio ads can help track a storage facility’s marketing efforts. However, establishing an online presence is also necessary. Fortunately, it’s not costly because of dynamic number insertion call tracking.

Dynamic number insertion (DNI) call tracking allows storage companies to measure online marketing efforts and inbound phone calls.

How DNI Works

Clicks via an advertisement allows DNI to link specific phone numbers to an ad. Each ad displays a unique number in regards to its source. You can track which marketing source a customer came from based on the number.


These numbers can be tracked based on the sources they came from such as:

  • Search Engines
  • Web Pages
  • Click To Call Ads


Call analytics reports will compile the sources of the call, compiled from there. This is the best way a start-up self-storage company can use one number to know where to invest their online advertising budget.

Additional Benefits of DNI Call Tracking:

Search Engine Optimization  – Maybe people find your storage company on Facebook, Twitter, or Google but is it worth it to invest in Yahoo, Google+, or Bing? DNI Call tracking removes speculation and proves how valuable online advertising really is.

Increase search engine marketing efficiency – By assigning a different phone number to your keywords, you’ll be able to track which keywords get clicks, drive phone calls and increase ROI.

Campaign optimization – By gaining indisputable insight into which campaigns are driving call conversions, you’ll be able to allocate future ad spends accordingly.