Who are your customers?

How did they come to you? When did they call? Do you know if they got what they wanted or if they are happy with the experience?

If not, it is safe to say that you don’t know them at all. If you do not these insights, you are missing out on opportunities and is stunting your business’ growth.

When you spend marketing dollars on a web campaign, billboard, radio ads, direct mail, and even TV commercials, you are hoping to get a measurable response of your investment. However, unless someone picks up the phone and calls you, fills out a web form, completes a download or makes an actual purchase, will have no idea of the impact your individual efforts made.

There’s a growing trend of providing one seamless customer experience no matter how your consumers reach you. This means that, whether their interaction starts from a mobile device, a PC, from driving by your store or remembering your commercial or billboard, you would want to offer them the same buying process and experience.

However, if you don’t keep track of which media gets the most responses, produces the best experience and results in the most sales, you will not be provide the seamless experiences your customers are looking for.

How do you gain such insight?

With a customizable call tracking and lead generation solution. However, with so many call tracking and lead generation solutions in the market place, finding the best and customizable solution that will work for you and fit you budget can be daunting.

For over 20 years, IVR Tech has helped its customers understand their customers, their market and their niche. We don’t simply provide a one-size fits all call tracking dashboard, we go the extra miles to learn from you and explore your customer by segment. We do that by analyzing how they reach you and how they use and think of your products and services.

Are we affordable? Yes. We have an industry-leading amount of expertise, that’s helped us develop a solid understanding of the economies of scale. We use this know-how to help your business spend wisely.

Let us design a friendly locator IVR system and combine with call tracking features, you will then have access to data to know which campaign works the best, and which media you should focus more.

Our patented call routing intelligence gets the call to the right store and our IVR features interact with your consumers to collect the valuable insight your business needs to streamline its marketing & gain a better understanding of its customer base, especially its newer customers.

This information will help you develop a connection between your customers’ online and offline journey. Understanding the connection between online and offline habits will help you understand your customers’ expectations, needs and wants during every interaction they have with you.

This will also help your product quality, design, pricing and operations — all essential keys to creating happier customers who make repeat purchases and share your business offerings with their colleagues, business associates family & friends.