Attention law firms: more new clients will call you than complete a website form. In fact, the industry average is 15-to-1. What’s more is that, on average, law firms receive 8 qualified phone call leads for every 1 qualified web lead. If you don’t know exactly where your leads are coming from, you’ll undoubtedly invest in the wrong channel. Use call tracking to determine where your new clients are coming from and what appeals to them.

Do they see your face on a billboard? Do they see your ad in a playbill? Are you popping up on their Facebook? In order to know which avenue is getting you the most clients, you need to know the answer to this one simple question. Once you know whether ads featuring female car accident victims or men with mesothelioma drive more business, you can create future ads accordingly.

Healthcare and Wellness

Healthcare and wellness facilities also often invest in various advertising channels. By assigning unique phone numbers to each of these various media, dentist offices, gyms, obstetricians and plastic surgeons alike will know exactly which of these efforts are resulting in paying patients.

Maintain compliance and guarantee security by integrating call recording into your call tracking services. Ensure your employees are clearly stating any necessary disclaimers and that they’re not sharing any protected information. You can also monitor employee performance and facilitate training by using sharing examples of both subpar and superior phone calls.


According to Google’s latest call shopper study, 95% of car shoppers use digital channels to conduct research before purchasing a car. Attached call tracking numbers to each of your keywords to gain critical insight into your customer’s preferences and have an accurate understanding of what make and model they’re looking for before you even pick up the phone. This will prove the effectiveness of your SEO & SEM campaigns and show you how customers are finding you online.

Call tracking also comes complete with comprehensive reporting that details call analytics. This information will help you track missed calls so you don’t lose leads when you can’t answer the phone. Armed with all this information, your dealership can lower its overall cost per leads and its overall cost per sale.

Religion / Nonprofit

77% of donors leave due to a lack of communication. Most non-profits and religious institutions lose these donors because they don’t communicate in the right channels. Use call tracking to learn where your past donors have found you, you’ll be able to place customized messages in these places in the future. This will help past donors feel connected to your cause while encouraging new people to contribute, too.

In addition, call tracking will help you realize which channels raised the most funds or generated the most volunteers. You can also narrow down which messaging resonates most with donors and what copy is most successful.

Retail / Franchises

Retail advertising is expensive. Unlike the automotive industry, for example, you can’t guarantee to recoup advertising costs with one or two sales. It is imperative that retailers know what channels drive the greatest results – possibly more so than any other industry. Use call tracking to learn if your best customers are Googling “workout clothes” or “party dresses” to find you online. Determine if your print ads in local publications are more effective than Transit advertising or vice versa.

If you have more than one location, combine call tracking with call routing services. This will track where your callers are physically located and direct the call to the store nearest them. If a caller is looking to make a purchase, they will be more likely to do so if they know they can visit a brick and mortar location in their own neighborhood.