What’s the best way to reach your customers? Is it with billboards, radio ads, TV ads or mobile advertisements? In order to have your customers find you, it’s important to have a campaign that utilizes multiple mediums. Call tracking allows you to see what medium works, and where you should primarily focus your campaigns.

With new technology, come new and emerging trends. Faith Murphy, of Yahoo, recently predicted that 2015 will be the year when more people will search on a mobile device rather than on a PC. With almost 180 million smart phone users in the United States, that’s bound to be true. Especially once Apple Watch is released later this week.

In order for your business to be successful, it’s crucial that you stay one step ahead of the competition. Call tracking allows that to happen. How do you track if someone came to your website or landing page on a smart phone? The answer is with Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI). This allows the user to connect to your business with one click.

We’ve shown how assigning different phone numbers to different advertising channels can help you focus your advertising budget. Unique call tracking phone numbers can also be placed on your website or landing page to help you find out how the visitor arrived to your page.

Your phone number is displayed, yet the back-end click-to-call numbers are unique.

Your customers will still see your official phone number but, when they click to call,  they’re actually clicking on a unique phone number that tracks that the call is coming from a mobile device. With this method, call analytics track which campaign, keyword, app or search engine led the most consumers to your site. Each one of these tracked calls are placed in a report, and allow you to fine tune your campaign on Google or Bing. Using dynamic number insertion will also improve your SEO efforts.

CallOutcome360 is IVR Tech’s innovative call tracking system that allows you to determine what works so you can strategically reach your customers. We’ll help you to target your ads, which a customer searches for, in certain regions or cities – even within a given distance from your location.

We’re always looking to learn about new innovations and concepts that will improve our call tracking solutions.  IVR Technology Group is currently participating in the 2015 Local Search Association Conference in Los Angeles. LSA15 will allow us to learn about upcoming trends in the telecom industry and help us help you grow your business.