Most businesses and marketers measure success based upon a series of digital analytics, such as organic visits, page views and obviously, goal conversions. Call tracking software is an important aspect in the business sector. In case you are not investing in the software, there is no use running the venture. There are long term benefits of call tracking software. Thus, it is used by the majority of the business ventures.

How do you track your inbound calls?

Your business has a telephone number that’s probably plastered on your website, in magazines, in your Google AdWords campaigns – it may even appear on billboard ads.

But how do you know which of these marketing methods are generating the calls to your business? How are you tracking conversions? Here’s a bigger question…

Do people still read billboards?

Tracking the effectiveness of advertising exists in other forms of media. For example, if your business wanted to advertise on a billboard. Several factors would need to be taken into consideration. Factors such as the size of an ad, location, custom design, or if it is displayed digitally will have an effect on the cost.

However, there are major questions that need to be measured after it goes up.

  • Is the ad something that is both easy to read and remember?
  • Do you have a phone number, or website, on it?
  • Will your potential customer may be able to remember it?

The problem with billboards is the ROI for outdoor marketing is considerably low. Your potential customers may be too busy concentrating on the road due to weather conditions, traffic, construction, or if they need to get gas at the next exit.

Or maybe they can.

How would you determine the effectiveness of such a campaign? Perhaps your employees could ask customers how they found your company, or receive a discount for mentioning it. Is this really an ideal method?

Don’t leave it to guesswork, leave it to call tracking

Benefits or advantages of call tracking

If your company placed a unique number on a billboard, you would be able to measure how effective it is. Analytic reports will allow you to see the time and date of the call. More importantly, he can track the return on investment of each marketing channel.

  • Evaluating of the marketing strategies and tactics become easier and you get to know the expenditure of the marketing budgets and thus your business venture can experience a successful marketing campaign.
  • ROI is identified, and thus the allows for a better investment in various marketing channels.
  • Customer service improves, as your staff can be evaluated based on performance.
  • It helps you to differentiate which of your agents are delivering peak customer service, and which ones have the opportunity to improve.
Call tracking renders long term benefits

Unfortunately, there are many business ventures that are not aware of the importance of investing in tracking. As such, they waste tons of money as they don’t have the information, whether the strategies they are applying for the business are effective or not. Henceforth, the business might not render the profits that it should be. Thus, the call tracking is a vital method that can offer long term benefits.

Considering the option of tracking

With call tracking, you can monitor which areas of your marketing – digital and offline – are performing well and which areas need improvement.When you are running a business, it means that you are responsible for the sales tracking. Call tracking helps you to understand your performance in the market and overall how you are doing. When you are not involved in any tracking, basically you are not  marketing as effectively as you could be.

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