Gain an understanding of what avenues drive your business with our media call tracking solutions. By attaching a unique phone number to your advertising, you can quickly and easily track and measure the success of everything you are doing. Whether you’re focused online, offline or on mobile advertising, IVR Tech’s phone call tracking services will guide you to increased conversion rates, optimized advertising spend and routing new leads to your business.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking allows a company to capture information from your customer’s call. This feature works across multiple platforms; either having one toll free number, or multiple unique numbers that can be routed to the same inbound IVR application.

Why do I need call tracking?

Every bit of information can be valuable to a campaign. A customized dashboard can answer a great deal of questions:

  • – When is the peak time for calls to come in?
  • – Which numbers get the most calls?
  • – Was there a specific campaign which generated a lot of calls?

With these questions answered, your company can shift focus and figure out how to best suit your customer’s needs. Are a lot of calls coming in at peak times? Perhaps this may be when your company should have all hands on deck, ready to handle the needs of your customers.

Where are these calls coming from?

Call tracking reports will provide the location of your customers that call in. This information can be quite valuable, especially if you have multiple locations. Getting a lot of calls from a certain area? Call tracking reports can tell you which location they are reaching. The reports can also provide valuable insight as to where you may want to put your newest location.

How can this improve the effectiveness of your ads?

Call tracking can measure the effective reach of your campaigns. Maybe more people called after your company placed an ad in the Sunday newspaper. Analytic reporting can easily measure the effectiveness of where an ad is placed; be it TV, radio, online or on a billboard.

Every bit of information, about your customer, is valuable. If your company isn’t getting call tracking reports, they can be leaving money on the table. Knowing what a customer wants, why they called, where they called from, and how they found you can provide a lot of valuable insight. So now that you’ve learned the What, Why, Where, and How of call tracking…

When can I get started?

Help your company grow by learning where your leads are coming from.