Will Call Tracking Hurt My SEO Ranking?

While Google does monitor your phone number for consistency across all of your channels, when call tracking is done right it will not hurt your SEO. The best way to use call tracking while you’re working on search engine optimization is to use call tracking dynamic number insertion (DNI).

What Is Dynamic Number Insertion?

Dynamic number insertion is the process by which a company includes a unique phone number on each piece of its digital advertising. Depending on what keyword, search engine or web page is used to search, DNI will display a phone number unique to that medium. This allows marketers to measure which digital advertising efforts are generating leads and driving revenue in real time.

Who Needs DNI?

There’s a fairly well known John Wanamaker quote that circulates in the advertising world, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Call tracking, especially calls tracking DNI, will help any business that advertises determine which half of their advertising budget is being wasted without them having to ask every single caller where they saw your ad.

DNI is especially useful for businesses promoting themselves via digital advertising. This includes:

  • Pre-roll video ads
  • Banner/display ads
  • Adwords search ads
  • Related content ads
  • Social media ads
  • Video overlay ads
  • Contextual ads
  • Retargeting ads

Even if you have analytics that show how your paid efforts are working to drive leads, without call tracking DNI, you’re still missing the data that proves how your digital ads impact the number of phone calls you receive.

How Could Call Tracking Hurt SEO?

As mentioned above, Google prefers that a company’s NAP – name, phone number and address – be the same on all online directories. Variations in this information will hurt your SEO efforts because the differences confuse Google’s algorithms.

However, if you list your actual phone business number whenever you list your business on an online directory, you’ll be in the clear. Google doesn’t index paid advertising the same way it indexes valid online business directories.

What Are the Benefits of DNI?

Social media ROI – proving the worth of updating your company’s Facebook status has often eluded even the most experienced marketers. By sticking a phone number on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ page, you’ll know exactly which phone calls are coming in from your social media efforts. You’ll finally be able to see exactly how social media impacts your bottom line.

Increase search engine marketing efficiency – by assigning a different phone number to each of, or even just some of, your keywords, you’ll be able to track which keywords get clicks and which actually drive phone calls.

Campaign optimization – by gaining indisputable insight into which campaigns are driving call conversions, you’ll be able to allocate future ad spends accordingly.

When implemented appropriately, call tracking will not hinder your SEO efforts. When set up by a professional who understands the nuances of the industry, it can be a major difference maker for your business.