A call can come into your business for several reasons. Perhaps a customer saw your ad on a billboard and has a problem your company can solve. Generating sales, from advertising, can be difficult. Your company needs to stand out from the rest. Ever wonder how you can track phone calls? It would be awesome if the software existed, right? Today is your lucky day.

How did a customer find your number?

Why did a customer call?

Are customers being placed on hold too long before they speak to a representative?

Call tracking can answer these questions and more.

How did a customer find your number?

Call tracking can help you invest your advertising revenue better, and determine which channels to best invest your advertising budget. Yet, that’s only the beginning of the story. Call tracking can help you figure out which geographic locations to place targeted advertisements.

Are more customers finding your website using a mobile device?

Optimizing your website for mobile devices would be the first step to reach more customers. For these customers, a click to call button can help them connect directly to you.

Why did a customer call?

Call tracking reports not only tell you where a call came from but why they were calling you and when.

For example: Was this a caller inquiring about new service, or the status of an order?

When a customer follows your menu, and presses the corresponding key to be directed, you’ll be able to see which button they pressed. Detailed call reports will help you see how the call was forwarded.

How long did the customer wait?

I want to speak to a person!Take our above example. Maybe the customer didn’t press “1” or “2” and instead chose to mash the “0” key like they were playing a video game.

This is likely because they wanted to speak to a live representative -very enthusiastically. Call tracking can tell you how long customers are on the call. Not only that, it can pinpoint exactly which days and which hours of the day you receive the most calls. With this information, you can determine peak calling hours forward calls appropriately; with more staff on hand.

Call Tracking reduces the likelihood of a caller becoming frustrated by not being able to quickly speak to the right person; keeps them from calling your competitors.

Since call tracking collects pertinent customer data. It can narrow down why customers are calling, and streamline your incoming calls. With this information, your business can figure out how to improve customer service and make sure your business has enough agents on staff to take calls.

CallOutcome360 is our call tracking system that removes speculation and lets your business know exactly how a customer found your number, where to invest your advertising revenue, and how to improve your company’s presence on the internet.