According to the U.S. Small Business Association, small businesses make up 54% of all U.S. sales. Since 1990, big business eliminated 4 million jobs while small businesses added 8 million new jobs. It’s no wonder that politicians, from both political parties, claim to be supportive of small business. Yet, if a small business wants an immediate impact, call tracking can help them grow in many ways.

When it comes to advertising, small businesses don’t have the budget of their larger competitors. Call Tracking Software is a great way for a small business to analyze various marketing campaigns, and help identify the successful marketing campaigns.

  • Should your business invest in advertising on Facebook or Twitter?
  • Did a customer find your website on Google, or Yahoo?
A good tracking system will let you know how customers found you. With this information you’ll know which search engines, or social networks to invest advertising revenue.

Call tracking software is also helpful with regards to driving sales. When customers want to know more about your business, they will more likely want to speak to a customer service representative. This is why it’s important for a business to make their number easy to find. Digital Marketing Depot reports that phone calls can produce sales as high as 80%.

With this in mind, call tracking software can help a small business know:

  • Why customers are calling.
  • When more customers are likely to call.
  • Which advertising channels are more successful.
A missed phone call can lead to a missed opportunity. Fortunately, call tracking can act as a safety net when it comes to phone calls. Real time call tracking reports provide valuable information about a customer. Even if the customer got a busy signal, or called after hours.

CallOutcome360 is IVR Technology Group’s innovative call tracking software that can help your small business in a big way. We provide call tracking that allows small businesses to target your ads, and improve customer service.