Last night, the NFL Football season officially kicked off. This fan will be excited to see his favorite quarterback throw another miracle pass, and lead his team to the championship. However, football games are won by more than just inches. Nowadays, teams use analytics to help get that special edge.

The NFL has equipped their players with sensors that are the size of a quarter. These sensors help to relay data like field position, speed, distance traveled, and acceleration. The best part is that it’s all transmitted in real time.

Matt Swensson, senior director of Emerging Products and Technology at the NFL explained the impact of this information. “There’s been more realization about how the data can be leveraged to make workflow more efficient around the game,” he said.

This technology is literally a game changer. It will help players to use analytics to improve their performance. Also, because the data is in real time, it will help coaches figure out what works and what doesn’t while the game is in progress.

You don’t have to be an NFL Superstar to take advantage of real-time analytics. IVR Technology Group can also help your business improve with Call Outcome 360. Analytics can help you determine which advertising channels your best leads are coming from. In turn, this can help your business determine how to use this information for future campaigns.

Call analytics can also help you learn how your business can better serve your customers. You’ll know where your customers are, and why they are calling. This will allow your business to figure out which campaigns worked and how to make the next one better.

If your business misses a call, analytics reports can come to the rescue. Analytics reports show you which calls were disconnected before the caller reached a live operator. Reports also tell you when call volumes spike. This will allow you to prepare your team for the additional volume, and plan for more employees to be on call.

Analytics reports can provide this, and so much more. Reports can help you review how many customers called during certain campaigns, and make adjustments to make campaigns more effective.

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