During Game 2 of the NBA Finals, the best play wasn’t by the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Golden State Warrior but by Sprint. In a recent press release Sprint boasted that their network is so fast and reliable that it can that even convince some of the most iconic in wireless. Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure took to twitter and told followers to pay attention to the commercial that played, during the game, at 9PM. Indeed, Sprint did score a coup by showing that they convinced the last person anyone would think to associate with their network; and his name is Paul Marcarelli.

While his name may not be recognizable people knew immediately who he was.

Marcarelli was originally known as the Verizon Test Guy, a character featured in the company’s commercials. While only in Verizon commercials for the course of 10 years his iconic look and catchphrase, “Can you hear me now?” helped to develop their brand identity

Branding is an important aspect of gaining business. It allows for advertisements to be a memorable experience, which is delivered to potential customers. Everything from sneakers to soda pop has identifiable characteristics that allow customers to desire the products and services associated with a brand.

Developing a brand isn’t done by chance, but by employing a measurable marketing strategy for your business. For example billboards, radio ads, and television are means by which a company would be able to deliver advertisements. If that company had a vanity number and a way to track phone calls it would provide a way to improve their brand name.

Call tracking would then allow a company to be able to further shape and develop their brand. This allows the company to figure out, over time, which ads were most effective and which channels were most effective for carrying out their message. Knowing who is calling, when they are calling, why they are calling, and how many leads are coming in is not only important to developing your brand name but your business.

Since call tracking collects pertinent customer data, a business can use this tool to figure out how to improve customer service and make sure their business has enough agents on staff to take calls.

CallOutcome360 is our call tracking solution, with dynamic number insertion (DNI), that will provide your business with the call intelligence of how a customer found your number, where to invest your advertising revenue, and how to improve your company’s presence on the internet. Utilized properly, this information can answer so many questions and provide you with the knowledge you need to help your business successfully grow.