What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking enables you to assign a unique phone number to any number of your marketing initiatives. Each of these unique phone numbers is automatically routed back to your main office number (or any number you choose), so that your staff can answer the phone as usual and you don’t have to search for new employees. Call tracking provides you with detailed call data and call metrics that will allow you to gauge the effectiveness of each of your marketing efforts, by tracking the number of phone calls that each one generates.

Here are 5 major benefits of call tracking:

(1) Gain detailed metrics
Any decent call tracking software will provide reporting that gives you ample incoming caller data. At a minimum, this should include the number of incoming calls per number, the length of each call, the date and time each call came in, the location from which the call was made and more. This information will guide you as you set staffing schedules and enable you to target your advertising according to your callers’ geographical locations. If you’re running any digital initiatives, call tracking can assist you in selecting keywords and also in determining which keywords have generated the most interest. You’ll also be able to see how often your incoming calls are being answered and which of your agents manages the most phone calls.

After you’ve gathered some data from your call tracking system, you’ll want to throughly examine it in an effort to identify the formation of any significant patterns. Use this information to, for example, create an FAQ page with all of the questions that regularly pop up. This will free up your staff by eliminating their need to answer the same question over and over and help your team be better prepared to assist your customers.

Call tracking enables you to collect some very basic caller information from callers whose calls go unanswered. Using your reporting, you’ll be able to gain access to phone numbers who’ve dialed in but hung up before the call was answered. Returning these missed phone calls opens up new revenue opportunities for your business.

Your business will excel once it has a solid understand of which forms of advertising generate the most leads. A call tracking phone number can be attached to any type of marketing initiative — print ads, digital ads, outdoor ads, landing pages and more – to help you gain an indisputable understanding of what’s earning you money and what’s wasting your money.

By electing to record your phone calls, you’ll be able to gain even more insight into who your callers are, why they are calling and how you can serve them best. In addition, you can also use call recordings to train your staff more efficiently.

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