Ad campaigns are designed to help represent a company’s brand using the most effective means possible. Unfortunately, some believe that there is no such thing as negative publicity. After all, it created a discussion so the advertisement must have worked. Here are some examples in which that isn’t always the case.

Attack of the Drones

Is taunting your potential customer a good advertising tactic? In Mexico City, Uber decided to try out a unique stunt. They hired a company to fly drones over a traffic jam during rush hour. The drones carried signs that would taunt the driver for being stuck in their current situation. However, their primary purpose was to encourage people to use their carpooling service.

Wasting Money on Cosmic Graffiti?

Before the Internet rose to prominence companies were looking to the heavens to get people to notice them. In the early 90s, one company offered a billboard that would be launched into low orbit, and be about the same size as the Moon. Some even talk about using the moon like a giant screen to project ad campaigns onto. Fortunately, Congress passed a law against such advertising methods in 1993.

If you think it’s hard to avoid political ads now, imagine if that nightmare went through.

Pop-Ups Can Feel Free to Pop Off

Back down to Earth, and an annoying technique that comes off often. Sometimes when browsing a website a pop-up ad may launch and block you from seeing the content underneath. Their purpose is to advertise to the viewer or to capture their email address so they can send more content. Yet, their are programs designed to block these types of ad campaigns.

This goes over about as well as flying drones into a traffic jam, and Google knows it.

Google announced recently that they were going to crack down on annoying advertisements. Specifically, they are going to punish sites that use pop-ups that prevent a user from reading a website unless they enter some credentials. Websites that use such pop-ups would be subjected to a lower ranking on Google.

Make Your Advertisements Effective

A company doesn’t need a rocket to the moon or to waste money on big risks. Call tracking has helped SMBs find the most effective marketing to represent their brand. Smaller companies don’t have the budget of their bigger counterparts. In fact, 70% of SMBs spend less than $500 on marketing a month. Yet call tracking proves to be a great investment. This is because a customer has taken the time to call a business.

When a customer reaches out, it’s easier to close a deal.

Call tracking services track call data and produces metrics that can show sales trends, arm you with information that will improve the quality of your customer service, and help you decide which of your advertising streams are working for you. This gives you the opportunity to prove the ROI of multi-channel campaigns, and justify the impact of marketing budgets to upper management.