Our recent post about customer surveys explained how businesses could learn how to implement IVR Surveys. Doing this allow customers to have a voice, and businesses to improve customer service. IVR Tech Group offers a solution that can even alert companies if they get a low rating. Customer service is a valuable commodity for a business and one that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

1. Customer Service is Critical

If your company’s customer service is second-rate, customers will likely not want to do business with you. A recent survey by Kissmetrics found that 98% of respondents ranked customer experience as one of the top reasons they would decide whether or not to do business. Part of that can be their wait times.

2. Don’t keep customers on hold for too long

The more times a hold message includes the phrase “Your call is important to us”, the less likely someone is to believe it. A survey by Harris Interactive found that 75% of customers believe it takes too long to reach a customer service representative. Needless to say, this can not only lead to a seriously frustrated customer.
An automated IVR can streamline this problem and do more than just connect them to an agent. That agent can already know what the customer needs and how to address it. If the call queue is too long, give the customer the option to leave a callback number. This will show them that their time is valuable while saving your business money.

3. Top performers fine tune their advertising

A large majority of businesses fine-tune their advertising, with allows them to reach their target audience better. IVR Tech Group offers Call Outcome 360 for this very reason. Call Outcome 360 allows companies to figure out how their ad revenue should be focused. This also allows companies to use demographic data to know where ads should be focused. A recent report by Salesforce showed that 83% of high performing companies use this information to target or segment ads, 1.5x more often than underperformers

4. Competitors Love When Your Company Has a Bad Phone Experience.

It almost goes without saying that the phone is a big part of how your customer will be introduced to your business. However, the numbers could be worse than you think.  A recent study by Invoca discovered that only 30% of customers that had a negative phone experience would be willing to leave a negative review. On the other hand, 75% would most likely just go to a competitor.

Call Outcome 360 can help here as well. You can elect to record incoming calls for quality assurance. Recording of the calls would then be integrated into the report itself. This will allow for better understanding of which one of your customer service agents are your top performers, and the ability to reward them. Likewise, you’ll be able to figure out how to help some of your less stellar employees improve.

5. Social Media Is An Opportunity to Engage with Customers #GetSocial

Engaging your audience, by social media, is also a crucial way to hear their voice and keep in touch with them. Did a customer have a bad experience and decide to tweet about it? Thank your lucky stars. In the same Invoca study, that found that 24% of Customers would be willing to leave a negative review. However, 70% of them would be more than happy to complain to friends and family about your service. If a customer is willing to complain about an issue it is imperative that the company reach out to try and make things right.

A study about recent Sprout Social showed that 80% of customer inquiries were ignored by retailers. That’s just money left on the table, and a great opportunity for your competitors to reach out. Take initiative and let your customers know that you are willing to reach out, address their concerns, and thank them for their business.