Biometric Authentication is a growing trend in healthcare. Are you putting the identity of your patients at risk? When a customer contacts your company, they are depending on you to securely handle their medical information. These records include information such as a patient’s Social Security Number and date of birth. As a result medical records are quite valuable to identity thieves on the black market, and can cost your patients thousands of dollars to resolve the issue. How can you make customers feel confident to pay for your services in a way that provides both convenience and safety?

IVR Technology Group and CommuniGate recently announced a joint venture called ActiveAuth, which will serve the purpose building a HIPAA compliant application. This application will assure the security of a patient’s medical records. Using a smartphone, or tablet, patients will be able to authenticate their identity in real time. Authentication is provided biometrically and thus are unique for every individual. This fights fraud and helps to prevent unauthorized access.

When a patient calls they will be directed to a live agent. The agent will then have the patient open up the ActiveAuth and authenticate their identity. Using their computer screen, the agent will be able to see that the patient has properly authenticated their identity and be able to fulfill their request.

This can include:

  • Transfer of medical records.
  • Questions pertaining to billing or payments.
  • Refilling prescriptions

ActiveAuth handles Biometric Authentication in the cloud and can be tied into any call center environment. This makes it easier for your practice to provision agents, be it from a branch office or a home office.

A biometric authentication system provides facilities with security, speed, and comfort. It removes margin of error when identifying a patient. It also provides facilities considerable cost savings by preventing the creation of duplicate records and mitigating patient fraud. A demo of the ActiveAuth app will be available soon on both the Apple and Android marketplace and is patent pending. Check out the official press release here.

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