Inbound IVR

Utilize inbound IVR, improve the way your contact center manages incoming phone calls. Incorporating inbound IVR into your virtual contact center, your callers will be directed to a customized menu navigable by voice or touchtone phone. Inbound IVR makes self-service easier, reduces average call handling time and saves you money.

Improved Communication

Cloud based IVR facilitates customer communication. Our skills based routing feature allows you to send calls to your agents based on their ability to best help the customer. Your customer will be able to reach a live agent faster and they won’t have to waste their time sitting on hold.

Outbound IVR

Schedule new appointments, activate new accounts, share shipping notifications and send emergency notifications, payment reminders, appointment reminders, customer satisfaction surveys and more. Adding Outbound IVR into your contact center makes it simple to communicate your message to your customers.

Increased Efficiency

Increase the efficiency of your contact center while minimizing operating costs. Internally, you can expect a flexible solution more reliable and secure with an improved experience for your customers. We host manage your contact center providing a seamless experience.

Custom IVR (Blended)

Combine the capabilities of both inbound and outbound call center solutions to create the ultimate customer experience. Agents accommodate incoming calls as they come in while making outbound calls with automated equipment. We will develop a custom IVR solution designed to achieve whatever result you desire.

Monitoring & Reporting

Stay on top of all cloud based IVR activity. We’ll provide you with exhaustive reporting that supplies you with results in real time. This data will allow you to identify trends, monitor and improve problem areas and ensure your cloud based IVR is running as it should.

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