Cloud Routing Software

Struggling to manage multiple contact centers? Unify your operations in the Cloud.

Customer experience is the name of the game these days. Your callers want personalized service that’s both fast and accurate. When your customers call you and they get busy signals, incomplete information or a long wait time, they’re going to hang up the phone dissatisfied.

With IVR Tech’s cloud routing service, you’re able to manage your incoming calls with increased efficiency and speed. Our cloud routing software intelligently distributes all of your incoming traffic among all of your contact centers, even if you have remote centers or home-based agents.

We customize our call routing service for your business. It allows for volume spikes, load balancing, call distribution and business continuity challenges. Ensure your campaign goals are met by reallocating calls to the best performing contact centers in real time.

IVR Tech’s Expert Cloud Routing Solutions

Percent Allocation
Send a percentage of incoming calls to each assigned destination
Sequential Allocation
Send your calls to destinations based on an ordered list
Round Robin Allocation
Send your calls to each of your contact centers, one right after the other
Geographic Allocation
Send your calls to the call center or agent that is physically closest to the caller

Benefits of Cloud Routing

  • Unify multiple call centers
  • Create custom routing rules
  • Route to multiple call centers or assign calls to secondary queues
  • Lowers the probability of a caller getting a busy signal
  • Drastically reduces wait times
  • Call details available
  • Manages call spikes

Let’s strategize on how to administer your cloud routing software.

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