Call Tracking & Analytics

Increase conversion rates, optimize advertising spending and route leads to the right sales person all with IVR’s Call Tracking.


Call Track Basic

As marketers, you can use Call Track Basic to assign unique local or toll-free numbers for use in various media (eg. newspaper ad, direct mail piece, infomercial, or the yellow pages). Calls can be quickly and accurately routed to your sales team. Receive instant reports on which media source or ad lead to the measured incoming calls. Armed with this information, you can buy more of what works and cut out spending on advertising that doesn’t.

Call Track Dynamic

Assign multiple phone numbers to various online traffic sources such as pay-per-click ads, keywords, specific landing pages, banner ads, and different domains. Based on the referral source of a visitor, Phone Call Track Dynamic displays a number to be called on your page. Online reporting of this activity supplys you in-depth information on what online marketing efforts pay off with more phone calls.

Key features of Call Tracking

Real-time call tracking reports online

Providing you instant insight into your marketing efforts. Your data can be downloaded into Excel, sent via email, or integrated with your analytics or CRM software via our API.

Customized call routing

On all your numbers, grants you the ability to do anything: from simple call forwarding to your office number to sending callers to an IVR (where it qualifies the lead) before transferring to a live agent. You can also route calls to our virtual automatic call distributor. Based on a variety of factors such as  time of day, queue lengths,… etc., our virtual automatic call distributor will intelligently shuffle calls to the appropriate destination

Whisper message

Prepares the receiving party information about the caller before the connection is made. Information on who is calling and where they heard about you is divulged prior to even the first voice to voice interaction.

Integration with Google Analytics

Allows you to track your leads all in one place. We can also provide custom integrations to other web-based or in-house information systems via our API.

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