IVR Technology Group’s acquires Atlanta-based DemandVoice

In the News DemandVoice | September 8, 2016

Buffalo, NY – IVR Technology Group, a leader in secure voice and text applications, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Atlanta-based DemandVoice, a leading provider of VoiceXML hosting and platform provider of integrated phone payment solutions.

The acquisition of DemandVoice will also allow the combined organization to:

  • Integrate the DemandVoice “Pay It By Phone” and IVR Technology Group’s PayIT products for a more feature-rich and robust offering
  • Increase significantly our geographic redundancy for voice processing
  • Bring strong expertise in VoiceXML and multilingual speech recognition

DemandVoice customers can expect greater scale, depth of bench, and more complementary solutions to augment existing services.

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Mark Rayburn, CEO of DemandVoice shared, “I was approached by Mike Byrne early this year, and the more we spoke about his vision and company, the more excited I became. The mutual strengths and benefits of both companies were rock solid and the culture fit was perfect. We’re delighted to join the IVR Technology Group family and look forward to accelerated growth in the future.”

Mike Byrne, CEO of IVR Technology said, “We did a lot of planning to be sure we hit the ground running integrating the companies into one team. The acquisition strengthens our leadership team and doubles the revenue of a core business line. We are confident about our future growth and excited to be working together.”

“IVR Technology Group is actively looking for acquisitions in the voice space that can extend its service offerings, bring strong talent, and is a good cultural fit,” stated Akash Desai, President of IVR Technology Group, “As such, the DemandVoice acquisition enhances our pay by phone service line, Mark Rayburn and his team bring deep expertise and talent in voice applications, and the core values of our businesses are very much aligned. We cannot be more thrilled.”

How will this affect my current services?

It’ll make them better. We know change can trigger concern. However, 100% of the DemandVoice technical staff have joined IVR Tech. You will still have direct access to Mark, Mike, Tracy, Jim, David, Jeff,… (you get the picture). IVR Tech, in addition to their staff, has the same escalation list that DemandVoice uses.

Will my prices change?

No. You will have deeper capability, greater security, and a more robust solution going forward for the same price.

How does billing change?

New Invoices will have a new logo and payment address. Tough, right?

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