IVR Technology Group is ecstatic to be selected as a finalist in InfoTech, Niagara’s well-known BETA awards in the Tech Culture category. The Tech Culture award is given to a company that fosters a positive, productive, and encouraging work environment.

Akshay Kapur, a new addition to IVR and based out of NYC, distilled the corporate culture we work hard to foster as follows:

  • Open floor plan – Upon entering IVR Tech’s office space, you’re greeted with a wide open floor plan with desks and couches filled with programmers, managers, and even consultants from other companies who come to visit.
  • Casual working atmosphere – There is no official dress code, and everyone looks comfortable doing work in their jeans. There is a Keurig coffee machine with tea and coffee options and a refrigerator in the back with snacks and beer for the after-hour drinks.
  • Coffee runs – The natural rhythm of the workday is a traditional 9-5, but that doesn’t tell the full story. Around 10:30 or 11am, everyone jumps in cars for a coffee run at Starbucks. Some folks may get lunch as well, but usually that happens later around 2.
  • Remote work – Several full-time employees work remotely, from Atlanta to New York City to Tampa. This is very manageable because so much of the work is project-based. There isn’t a sense that remote workers are remote; rather they’re very much part of the working team. This also holds true if someone works off-site for a few weeks. Work continues seamlessly.
  • Morning kickoff – There’s a morning meeting at 9 to kick off the day. As a group, everyone takes about 2 minutes to highlight their top projects for the day. If someone is running late or staying at home for the day, they call in remotely or catch someone up when they get in.
    There’s no formality to it, just a sense of group accountability that’s strongly fostered.
  • Meeting style – Everyone is on Skype for the workday and meetings are both scheduled and ad-hoc. The ad-hoc meetings are extremely useful because when something needs to get done, you check if the person(s) is available and get them on the call to get the job done right then and there. Video meetings are used with remote workers to have both visual and audio communication. Sometimes, headphones are used, but even if they aren’t, everyone has a mutual respect for each other’s privacy.
  • Delegation of responsibilities – Sharing and delegating tasks happens easily and quickly based on function and need, not hierarchy. A programmer may delegate to a manager and vice versa as needed. The relationships are not boss-employee, but rather facilitator-doer, where who takes which role depends entirely on the task at hand.

In addition to having our company recognized in the BETAs for having a fun, funky, yet productive tech culture, our Infrastructure Czar, Jesse Becker has been nominated for the Techie Award. Jesse is responsible for keeping IVR’s networks spanning three data centers and all office networks running smoothly. It’s a thrill to have him be publicly recognized for what he does.

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