Want to improve customer service and handle more customer calls? IVR Technology Group offers solutions for cloud based IVR telephony services that will help make your business more efficient and save you money.

Switching to a cloud-based solution is actually quite seamless, with no downtime to worry about. Your team can focus on their goals, and not worry about the obstacles that come with the need to relearn how to do their entire job. That’s because there is no need for extensive training or software installation so there is no downtime.

Provide your customers with fast, reliable, and personalized customer service. Cloud routing ensures calls are answered quickly, reducing abandonment rates and improving customer satisfaction. Your customers will not wait on hold indefinitely or continue to call back if they keep getting a busy signal. Our cloud routing software intelligently distributes all of your incoming traffic among all of your contact centers, even if you have remote centers or home-based agents.

Cloud services are also scalable and customizable. Your business needs are going to fluctuate, whether your seasonal campaign is wrapping up or business is booming. A hosted cloud platform is exactly what you need. IVR Tech’s cloud hosted IVR is a flexible solution which allows you to increase or decrease your usage at any time. This will reduce operating costs, while increasing efficiency.
Satisfied Customers Telephony Services
You can expect a flexible solution that’s more reliable and secure and offers an improved experience for your customers. Our cloud-based IVR services have been engineered to meet the safety and security standards set by the government and various industries. This includes PCI compliance, HIPAA compliance and FISMA compliance.

Stay on Top of All Cloud-Based IVR activity with Call Tracking.

You can follow the progress of your efforts with real-time reports. This provides a complete and comprehensive analysis of your usage as it happens. This data will allow you to identify trends, monitor and improve problem areas and ensure your cloud based services are running smoothly.

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Andrew F

Andrew F

Andrew is responsible for generating and delivering reports for our customers. His professional experience in customer relations allows him to identify and analyze customer issues with proficiency. Combined with his expertise in GIS Analysis, he creates presentations that allow our customers to see opportunities for growth.

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