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Gain an understanding of what avenues drive your business with IVR Tech’s premier call tracking & analytics solution, Call Outcome 360, a call-based marketing and call tracking product. By attaching a unique phone number to your advertising, you can quickly and easily track and measure the success of everything you are doing. Whether you’re focused online, offline or on mobile advertising, IVR Tech’s phone call tracking services will guide you to increased conversion rates, optimized advertising spend and routing new leads to the best place.

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Affordable Call Analytics and Dashboard
Affordable Call Analytics and DashboardUse unique toll free numbers or local numbers to track leads so you can instantly know what’s working and what’s not. Tracking call data can give you quick and reliable ROI on each of your media campaigns.

We’ll provide you with comprehensive tracking reports that will help you gain insight into the effectiveness of each of your marketing efforts.

Measure your campaigns’ success with advanced reporting & analysis tools. Measure call outcomes that have real impact for your business.

Customized call routing
Call Track Call Routing, IVR Tech Group
Our phone call tracking software automates the call routing process so you can send callers to the person best suited to assist them.

By making use of our phone call tracking, you’ll be able to gather information about a caller prior to the first voice interaction.

Learn who is calling, why they’re calling, how they heard about you and more.

Whisper message
Call Playback & Recording, IVR Technology Group LLC
This call tracking system will help you know how your caller found you and learn what keywords (if any) were used in their search. A whisper messages is a short message that will give you the preliminary information you need to be prepared for the call.

You caller will just hear ringing while you’re gaining a competitive edge that will help your team close more business.

Realtime Insights
Call Based Marketing, IVR Tech Group
Call tracking provides you with timely information to make critical marketing decisions.

Determine your peak calling hours. Call tracking pin points the exact time and day that you get the most calls. Staff your office and delegate tasks appropriately. See your calls visually on a map, locate the “hot” spots for your business and determine where the growth should be geographically.

Real-time data is available online and via your local POS software, showing you where the leads come from and how to promote them successfully!

Call Outcome360Basic

IVR Tech’s introductory call tracking solution is perfect for any company just getting its feet wet with analytics. We’ll work with you to get every aspect of the phone call tracking software up and running.

  • Custom call routing
  • Whisper messages
  • Integration into your analytics software
  • Instant reporting
  • On going training options
  • 24/7 support
Call Tracking Questions

Call Outcome360 Dynamic

A more advanced solution for when your company is ready to take its analytics to the next level. Based on the referral source of a visitor,Call Outcome 360 Dynamic displays a number to be called on your page.

  • Custom call routing
  • Whisper messages
  • Integration into your analytics software
  • Instant reporting
  • On going training options
  • 24/7 support
  • Assign multiple phone numbers to lead gen sources
  • Direct leads to a specific number based on how they found you

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