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Reduce overall expenses of your contact center services while enhancing customer communication

Your customers ask more of you than ever before. How you balance their needs with your budget should be the cornerstone of your customer experience strategy.

You need a call center solution that allows you to develop meaningful relationships with your customers, without breaking the bank.

With IVR Tech’s contact center services, your agents will be able to do more than provide exceptional customer service. They’ll be able to really get to know your audience and learn how your company can help them succeed.

By managing inbound calls, outbound calls or a mix of both calls from a single window interface, your agents will maximize their productivity and be empowered to assist your customers to the best of their abilities.

The Benefits

Improve Your Customer Experience
No busy signals, short on-hold times, multiple channel interactions, access to the agent best suited to help. Your customers will not hang up the phone feeling frustrated, increasing the likelihood that they’ll call you back.

Track your campaign

Our contact center services solutions enable you to track the overall performance of your campaign and monitor each of your agents in real time. By knowing exactly how your agents are performing and how your scripts are working, you’ll be able to amp up what’s working or make immediate improvements on what’s not.

Manage productivity

Help your agents grow professionally by monitoring their productivity. Our contact center software allows you to listen to live calls, join conferences and transfer call to offer complete support and monitor your agents’ performance.

Smart voice response

Our call center solutions allow you to set-up an interactive voice response message that you can play the moment your customers answer the phone. It also gives your customers the ability to connect with a live agent at the touch of a button.

Recording and playback options

Track calls, keep recording of every call you receive and/or make. You can listen to all the recordings in real-time or at your convenience. All the calls are stored for up to two months.

All the benefits of a premise-based hosted contact center, without the costs, delays or headaches.

IVR Technology Group provides the most advanced cloud-based contact center technology. Improve agent productivity and increase business flexibility. Move to the cloud and eliminate your outdated infrastructure. IVR Technology Group offers all the functionality of on-premise technology, with all the cost savings benefits of cloud computing.

Set up a process to manage your incoming calls with basic call routing or enhance with interactive voice response (IVR). You can add in an even more sophisticated set up involving automated call distribution (ACD) programs. Not only will calls be answered faster, callers will have a better experience because they can be directed to the representative best suited to assist them.

Happier customers with every call

Simultaneously lower costs while pleasing customers. Smooth transitions and reliable placement of inbound calls through the world’s leading hosted inbound contact center software ensures the best hosted contact center technology the industry can offer. With IVR Technology Group, every incoming call from your customers means cost saving benefits for you.

Key features of Inbound Contact Center

Combine Outbound IVR Capabilities for a blended solution

A flexible solution that combines the benefits of both inbound- and outbound-hosted contact centers. Agents handle inbound calls as they come in and make outbound calls via the automated equipment.

Key Features

  • Predictive, progressive & preview dialing
  • Consolidated administration
  • Inbound and outbound blending of multiple contact channels
  • Single click agent monitoring & reporting
  • Call transfer, hold & conferencing
  • Context-based call scripting
  • Agent presence & instant messaging
  • Automated call distribution (ACD) & interactive voice response (IVR)
  • CRM pop-up & integration available
  • Single window interface
  • Skills-based routing
  • Dynamic call recording


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