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(That’s a lot of jargon! Don’t worry, we don’t actually talk that way in real life.)

Accept Payments By Phone, Text, or Web With PayIt

Our “all-in-one, everything you need, swiss army knife solution to alert that payments are due, and accept payments by phone, text, or web.”


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Hosted Contect Center

Save thousands of dollars by moving your contact center or ACD to our secure cloud platform.

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Custom IVR Solutions For Any Sized Company

The most sophisticated Interactive Voice Response platform that is also the most flexible.

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VoIP Cloud Phone System

Our enterprise-class and feature-rich Unified Communications as a Service priced for any sized business.


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We Make Heroes!

We really enjoy success, your success.

Our continued focus is to delight your customers and grow your bottom line.

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Secure Automated Call Management for Healthcare

Give your patients a great experience with a guaranteed first-ring answer  and rapid response to urgent issues.

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Messaging Broadcasting For Voice, Text or Email

Automated mass communications is absolutely painless with our secure platform for voice, text, and email.

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Validate Your Marketing With Call Tracking

Get a handle on your advertising ROI across all channels with Dynamic Number Insertion and real-time performance analytics.

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The IVR Technology Group CPaaS PLATFORM

Coming in the first quarter of 2018, our Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS), is everything you ever wanted.

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From The IVR Technology Group Blog

AI and Its Impact On The Customer Experience

When and how will artificial intelligence take over the customer experience? The AI movement has started to take off and we are all learning how, where and when to use it. I don’t believe it will ever take over the entire customer experience, it does have its...

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How To Market Your Small Business Online

If you are a local business owner, you are probably registered with the local business bureau and have built a website for your small business. But what is the next step? Having a website and hoping that customers will find you "organically" is no longer enough. You...

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How To Use Real-Time Analytics To Track Down Your Leads

Ready to take customer experience to a new level? Real-time analytics allows leadership and decision makers to keep a pulse on anything and everything in their business when it comes to data. Utilizing real-time analytics is key for businesses who want to tap into...

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How Is Call Tracking Valuable To Facebook Advertisers?

Most businesses measure success based on digital analytics. Analytics can encompass organic visits, page views and obviously, goal conversions. Often times businesses utilize call tracking numbers. Call tracking is a measure of phone calls associated with...

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Can Your Business Benefit From Voice Broadcasting?

What is Voice Broadcasting? Voice broadcasting is a mass communication technique that started in the 1990’s. It's purpose is to broadcast telephone messages to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once. This technology has both commercial and community...

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How To Accelerate Accounts Receivable In a Utility Company

The other day, I forgot to take care of the electric bill on the due date. I came home from work and saw the statement on the kitchen table so I would be sure not to forget it. Fortunately, the company that handles my electricity must have been feeling a rare moment...

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10 Simple Ways IVR Systems Are Used In The Insurance Industry

According to a recent report from CCC Information Services, communications technology is the driving force of change for the insurance industry. If you're customer is wondering how they can get a new policy, or how a repair can be completed faster, an IVR Systems...

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How To Handle Inbound Calls In A Financial Institution

IVR Software enables callers to get information about their account at any time, contact customer service, or even make a payment. Because customers will come calling, this is usually a staple for the phone line of most businesses.  Yet, is it worth the investment for...

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How to Increase Feedback in an Automated Phone Survey

Every good business understands the importance of market research. One way to obtain feedback from your customers is to hear what they think about the quality of customer service. Yet, how can a survey be conducted? For example, a contact center can figure out how...

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