Voice XML

Program any voice-based task or business process.

Speech analytics reveal immediate insights from automated analysis of communications between you and your customers across multiple channels – including phone, email, social and more.

InterpreXer™, VoiceXML IVR Server

InterpreXer™ is a robust speech application engine to ‘voice enable’ Enterprise Applications in the cloud or in your network. It fully implements the W3C VoiceXML 2.1 Specification. It enables the creation of rich voice enabled applications for:


Social Media

Voice chat, Voice-to-text, Voice broadcast, On-demand conferencing, Web callback

Business Transaction Enablement

Financial, Banking, Hospitality, Healthcare.

Contact Center and CRM

Auto attendances, Collections, Notifications and Verification call backs

Enterprise Cloud

Mobile sales force, stock levels & status tracking.

Entertainment & Utility

News and weather, TV listings, Lead generation, Driving directions

Unified Communication

Click-to-call, Presence

“There is significant room in the marketplace for VXML compliant on-premise and hosted solutions that are significantly more cost effective than incumbent offerings today.”

Mike Byrne

CEO of IVR Technology Group

What is VoiceXML?

VoiceXML or the Voice eXtensible Markup Language is a scripting language for writing Voice enabled IVR. web services and applications. User input is Speech Recognition and DTMF, and output is prerecorded Audio and Text-to-speech.

Additional Revenue Opportunities

Telcos and ISPs can use VoiceXML Technology to provide innovative personalized information services, content based value added services or transaction based services

24/7/365 Self-Service Applications

Often customers get different answers to the same query depending on the time of the day. Automated agents can work round the clock and answer all calls accurately and consistently.

Additional channels for customer care

Through the use of voice technologies, businesses can provide personalized and consistent support to their customers in a cost effective manner.

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Experience

Speech recognition systems dramatically reduce customer “on-hold” time and eliminate irritating DTMF menus. Further, a reduction in hold-time leads to lesser Toll Charges. Further, a reduction in hold-time leads to lesser Toll Charges. Callers receive a consistent experience in half the time by using the most natural form of communication – speech.

Leverage existing Web Technologies and Networks

In a traditional IVR environment, applications are closely tied to the system using proprietary technologies. This makes it difficult to customize and add new functionalities to the IVR. Also, unlike IVR applications, VoiceXML applications are simple to write and existing web development staff can easily learn VoiceXML.

Reduced Staffing, Operating and Maintenance

Using voice technologies, trivial and frequently asked questions can be answered by the Voice enabled IVR system and the agents are left to handle more complicated and revenue generating calls. A simple call handled successfully by VoiceXML costs approximately 10% of the cost of a call handled by a live agent.

VoiceXML is a mature, reliable, development language for building voice applications.

These applications open up Web services to customers using voice interfaces, such as the telephone or computer. We offer a robust VXML speech application engine that voice enables enterprise applications in the cloud or in your network, that can be programmed for voice interactions with databases, automatic speech recognition (ASR) and voice biometrics engines. Develop your voice user interface by using speech recognition or “touch-tone” DTMF and output via synthesized speech (using text-to-speech) or recorded audio playback. Our customers can use InterpreXer™ to deploy applications such as:

Message Notifications

Click To Call

Contact Lookup

Verification Callbacks

Web Callback

Business Transactions

Voice To Text

Voice Chat

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