What sort of hardware, or software, do I need to install?

Call Tracking, provided by IVR Technology, is SaaS (Software as a service) There’s no need to install hardware, or worry about upgrading your systems to get set up. As soon as you have the number you want, you can get starting on advertising it.

What details are included in a call tracking report?

In a typical campaign, we track: Total number of calls made by phone number Call date, time Dialed number and campaign information Caller’s location (name, address, if available) Call duration Call disposition and ranking You can also opt for call recording. This...

How often do call tracking reports come out?

Once it’s set up, call tracking is a self-service application. IVR Technology allows you to configure your call tracking application by logging on, selecting a number, and telling us where it should go. Monthly reports are great at determining treads, but our reports...
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