Texting for businesses today is like a modern-day postcard. Over 6 billion texts are sent every day. To say the least, texting is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers. As a matter of fact, 78% of people wish they could have a text conversation with a business.

Texting for Businesses Improves Customer Experience

What if instead of calling the front desk of a hotel, you could text them? Let’s say you forgot your toothbrush on a business trip. Shoot, right? The chances of you going to the store and being happy about it are slim to none.

Before texting a hotel became a “thing,” you used to call downstairs using the phone in your room. Did you know that texting is 10X quicker than phone calls? Keep in mind, you’re on a business trip, you have meetings to go to, places to be!

Now a days, you can easily ask the concierge if they have a toothbrush (or if they could get you one) via text (see image). A concierge responds within seconds, saving you time, and frustration so that you can go on with your day.

Today, a concierge is ready at the tap of a thumb. Hotels are beginning to accommodate guests via texting. Too many guests are unwilling or unable to fumble with a room phone to call a concierge.Let’s face it, little things like a broken outlet, or leaky faucet can result in a shady online review. By connecting with the concierge via text, a customer is happier and more likely to leave a better hotel review.

Texting for businesses allows messages to be delivered to the phones, tablets and desktops of dozens of hotel employees. When a staff member begins to type a reply, other staff members will be able to see that someone is responding; Guests will not receive more than one response. TextEnable helps Hotel staff members organize guest’s needs and requests, leading to an increase in customer satisfaction and experience.

The best part? Keywords. Let’s say a guest asks a simple question like, “where is the gym?” A response can automatically be sent based off of the keyword “gym” noting where the gym is, but also it’s hours etc.

Any business can benefit from texting its customers. Want to know how TextEnable works for your business? Try our demo here.