Automatically Block Fraud & Protect your Telecomunications Network with TollShield®

Enable ongoing protection through automatic blocking. Detect and block toll fraud in real-time.

With two months of outbound CDR records, we will assess your network, 100% free of charge.

100% of all Service Providers we’ve tested had FRAUD.

Toll fraud monitoring and detection

Traffic monitoring

Most fraud mitigation solutions rely on Call Data Reports (CDRs) and other after-the-fact information. But this data comes too late to block toll fraud or mitigate loss. TollShield® draws on your network data in real-time, and uses patent-pending technology to parse up to one billion calls, for the suspicious hallmarks of toll fraud.


FraudScore™ ranking

A typical CSP can identify hundreds of plausible threats every day, creating a bottleneck as your Team manages a barrage of competing priorities. FraudScore™ intelligently assesses, classifies and ranks all active threats in real-time. So your Team stays focused on the most pressing fraud threats.

Real-time notification

It’s no use detecting and ranking suspicious traffic, unless your Team can act on it quickly. Accordingly, TollShield® produces a real-time feed of detected threats. The feed can be accessed via the Online Portal and App, or selected users can be notified of plausible fraud threats by email, SNMP and SMS.

Automatically block toll fraud in real time

Target Fraud

Responding to toll fraud requires nuance – as well as speed. TollShield® gives your Team the option of a range of ways to block suspicious traffic. Your Team can block by destination, by customer or target both. This flexibility allows a range of responses, in keeping with network management policy and objectives.

Automate Blocking

The advantage of real-time detection can be squandered if a Team is too slow responding to alerts. And your revenue losses can rapidly multiply. But TollShield® automatic blocks enable you to eliminate human error, by seamlessly triggering a block command when an unacknowledeged threat becomes critical.

Measure and track the details

Predicting the future often means learning from the past. That’s why TollShield® includes powerful reporting tools for analyzing traffic data and fraud threats. Track, filter and visualize your data. Actionable insights help you to measure the effectiveness of your team and calculate TollShield® ROI.

Deploy once. Protect forever. TollShield® makes it easy.

SaaS platform

Older-style toll fraud mitigation tools require you to add embedded software appliances that protect each network separately. This is costly, inefficient and difficult to scale. Instead, TollShield® uses an innovative SaaS platform that centrally manages a number of secure network probes (or taps) that can easily scale to support a growing network.

Highly scalable

Real-time monitoring and detection is made possible by the real-time data that is securely fed from TollShield® probes configured to your SIP network. Typically, probes are configured for low-impedance Port Mirroring and will begin relaying call traffic data within 36 hours. Each probe can manage up to one billion calls per month.

Visibility is everything

Fraud prospers in darkness. The TollShield® Command Center gives your team a beautiful, real-time view of everything that matters on your toll network. Command Center can be accessed online, from any location or device. So it is ideal for today’s mobile and globally distributed workforce.

The TollShield® advantage! Request a Demo

Stop toll fraud. Fast. Say goodbye to tedious CDR reviews and after-the-fact guesswork.

Fraud Case Examples

…and why you need fraud protection

  1. Hackers routed $166,000 worth of calls from a company to premium-rate telephone numbers in African counties.
  2. A hacker broke into the FEMA voicemail system and caused almost $12,000 in charges for international calls.
  3. A hacked Canadian business received a bill for over $207,000 of fraudulent calling charges for calls to Sierra Leone.
  4. Hackers used a Massachusetts library phone system to steal $15,000 worth of international charges for calls to Asian countries

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