One of the most valuable commodities a business can have is customer loyalty; A direct result of outbound notifications. Companies are able to attain this by meeting customer expectations of service which is both fast and reliable, as well as options that meet the needs of a customer. A good company will use communication to maintain customer loyalty, such as by sending an email to a customer base. Yet it is a great company that will go one step further, and meet the needs of their customers by providing offers based on their individual preferences. This can be achieved by using an outbound notifications system, such as nResponse.

Great communication pays for those willing to invest. Fortunately sending your customers outbound notifications via IVR and SMS, is an inexpensive method that will yield a substantial ROI. This is because when automated messages are sent to a customer, it can reduce the amount of inbound calls your agents will receive, thus they can be able to focus on more complex tasks.

Not what you think.
Automated dialers have a bit of a bad reputation, as people will sometimes associate it with Robocalling. Robo calls are used by organizations to deliver a message to a large number of end users. As this is election season, no doubt a few political campaigns are starting to deploy a massive amount of calls to voters. Each one of them will get the same message.

Outbound notifications are different as they are designed with the customer in mind, rather than just delivering a message. Voice, text, or emails can be uploaded and sent to a customer base within minutes. This can be customized to meet the method of delivery for each of your customers, and based off their preferences. Our service, nResponse, also allows for an option to include an opt-out message in your broadcasts.

Outbound messages can also help businesses that rely on appointments.
With a medical practice, missed appointments are quite costly. The cost to the doctor and additional medical equipment is bad enough. Factoring in the labor costs to schedule, reschedule, and manage the paperwork for a missed appointment can add up over time. One clinic reported 14,000 no-shows in a single year, which resulted in over one million dollars in lost revenue.

A study confirmed that when a practice sent their patients automated reminders it had a significant impact on attendance. No-shows not only dropped from 33% to 17%, but this decrease sustained itself over a period of 33 months.

By using nResponse, your company will develop a great relationship with your customer base. This service is a cost-effective method of providing information that your customers’ needs and helping to maintain communication. This leads to greater customer satisfaction, and an increase in loyalty.