With more than 90% of American adults carrying a cell phone, text messaging rose to be one of the fastest ways people communicate. When it comes to running a successful campaign, text messages are a cost effective and quick way to get in touch with your customers. In fact, it’s what your customers are likely looking for. Why?

1. It’s Super Effective: When it comes to a reliable way to engage your audience, text messages make sure your message gets seen. Text messages have a 98% open rate, and 90% of those messages are read within minutes of receipt.

2. Quick Communication: 7 seconds – That’s how long it usually takes to manually send and deliver a quick text message. With so many people carrying a mobile device, your audience can receive the message quickly. Stretch out those thumbs; the world’s fastest texter did a 26-word message in 18.19 seconds

3. Customers Want Texts: Mobile phones have changed the way consumers shop. In a consumer survey, 47% of respondents wanted retailers to send a coupon to their phone when they are in-store or nearby. Approximately 50% of consumers make direct purchases after receiving a text coupon.

4. Send Reminders: Sometimes, when a bill comes in the mail,  a picture of a finger with a string around it will appear on the envelope. This is because people used to tie a string around their finger to remember something. Text message reminders are much more effective and inexpensive. Not to mention, a string around the finger can be a hazard.

5. Personalize your Message: Text messages groups can be easily modified to be sent to a target audience. This allows a business to inform VIP customers about a secret sale, or send a thank you message after a purchase. Targeting your message will yield a loyal customer base.

Text messages can be custom made to keep your customers informed in real-time. At IVR Tech, we help manage campaigns and can send out an automated text that is both targeted to customers and specific sales your want to run. Contact us to learn more about how you can add text messaging to your next campaign.