Without explanation, most people don’t know what an IVR Solution does. A common, baseline definition of IVR sounds something like, “Interactive voice response is the technology that enables humans to interact with an automated system via the keypad on their phones. “

The next line in the conversation typically goes something like this: “Those automated systems are so annoying. They never get me to the right person and they’re a huge waste of my time. Why can’t I just speak to a human?!”

To be fair, many IVR systems are set up poorly. They route callers through an endless loop, menu options don’t match callers’ needs, and callers are asked to enter a ton of account info, only to repeat when they finally do reach a person.

But, when expertly set up, IVR can actually be extremely helpful and beneficial to both businesses and their customers.

How IVR works:

Features of IVR Systems:
  • Manage high call volumes
  • Provide after-hours customer service
  • Prioritize urgent calls
  • Gather info about callers
  • Intelligent call routing
10 Benefits of an IVR Solution:
  1. Streamline calls  reduce customer wait times
  2. 24/7 Service – Eliminates the need for live agents to staff call centers 24/7. Automated customer support helps customers even after your business is closed
  3. Improved Contact – Answer extremely important or emergency calls in a timely manner to increase customer satisfaction
  4. Caller ID – An IVR can identify callers and their reason for caller prior to making a connection with a live agent
  5. Intelligent call routing – Customer resolution is increased when calls go to the agent best suited to assist the call
  6. Reduce Hold Time – Due to transferring to the correct department, it would resolve problems faster
  7. Efficient customer service  When agents meet the needs of the customers, this increases the efficiency of customer service.
  8. Know who handled the call – Know which department got the most calls with Call Detail Reports.With this in mind, this can help with scalability.
  9. Reduce operational costs – When calls go directly to agents working from home. In addition, this will reduce operational costs.
  10. Increase professionalism – an IVR system will let your agent know who the customer is, and how to help..
What to Look for in an IVR Technology Provider:
  • Comprehensive reporting, available in real time
  • Flexibility & scalability
  • Compliant technology
  • Integration options
  • Call recording capabilities
  • 24/7 customer support

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