FAQ Pay by Phone Solutions

PayIT is a great investment that allows your business to accept payments from your customers day or night. However, as it’s not been as tried & true as the old checkbook, it may lead to some questions. Do you need it? Is your business too small to use it?

Companies needed to have a more reliable and secure method of accepting payments from customers. This led to the development of solutions that make it easy and convenient for customers to make payments, like our pay by phone solution, PayIT.

Why should I have a pay by phone system?

Consumers love companies that will work with them & can provide exactly what they want, and have the ability to check their balances to be sure their accounts are up to date. It’s convenient, fast, and allows customers more ways to make payments. Your business can also make sure that customers can receive a reminder by text, or email, to make their payment. As 90% of all text messages are read within 2 minutes of receipt, your customers will be more likely to make their payments on time. Best of all your customers can pay their bills 24/7.

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What if my customer doesn’t want to give their bank or credit card info over the phone?

Your company should also show how flexible they are by offering alternative payment options. Some customers will still pay their bill by check. Your company can still accommodate customers who wish to use different methods to pay. However, having PayIT saves your customers money in the long run. Customers don’t have to buy stamps and envelopes, wait in line at the Post Office, and can check their balances easily.

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How do I know PayIT transactions are secure?

In order to process credit card payments, a service provider is required to have PCI certification. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) is an information security standard defined by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Maintaining secure network systems
  • Protecting, and encrypting, the data of our customers
  • Log monitoring and management
  • Keeping client information confident and secure
  • Preventing traffic from known un-trusted sources (IPRM)

PCI-DSS requires an independent PCI qualified security assessor to validate and certify their system.

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Giving your customers the ability to pay by phone will also help you stand out from all your competitors by adding to your customer experience. Happier customers can only mean good things for you, like increased loyalty and more referrals. IVR Technology Group can work with you to host your existing applications. We use an environment that guarantees the safety of your customers’ information.