FAQ Call Tracking

What is call tracking?

Call tracking is the process of attaching a unique phone number to a company’s advertising efforts. This allows a company to determine which marketing initiatives drives the greatest results.

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How does call tracking improve the effectiveness of advertising?

Call tracking can measure the effective reach of a company’s campaigns. Analytic reporting can easily measure the effectiveness of where an ad is placed; be it TV, radio, online or on a billboard.

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How can call tracking improve customer service?

Your representative will provide better customer service when they get a head start on helping your customers. Your agent can find out who is calling ahead of time from a whisper message or a pop up on the screen. A whisper message can provide information such as:

  • Where the customer is calling from
  • Which of your campaigns they called in on
  • A customer’s account number

When an agent knows who is calling, and why, it can reduce your customers waiting time by as much as 43%. This could also lower the cost of your call by as much as 35%.

A great feature to use in conjunction with analytics is call recording. Call recordings can be easily added to a report and linked to a recording of the call as it happened. Hearing how your sales representatives interact with customers will provide valuable insight that allows you to identify struggling reps and coach them to improve their performance.

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Can call tracking help if my business has multiple locations?

Call tracking reports tell where customers were calling from, and which locations were contacted. This information can be quite valuable, especially if you have multiple locations.

Getting a lot of calls from a certain area? Call tracking reports can tell you which location they are reaching. The reports can also provide valuable insight as to where you may want to put your newest location.

Call tracking will also help determine peak calling hours. With this information, a business can dedicate staff members during these peak times. Are a lot of calls coming just before closing time? Perhaps hours should be shifted to avoid dead time.

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Is call tracking bad for SEO?

This myth comes from the theory that Google would list multiple phone numbers for you for a search. As long as your call tracking numbers are not placed on your directory listings, or business profiles, this isn’t the case. We can work with you so that search engines will find the numbers you want your customers to call.

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How does click-to-call work?

The answer is with Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI). This allows the user to connect to your business with one click. Unique call tracking phone numbers can also be placed on your website or landing page to help you find out how the visitor arrived to your page.

Your customers will still see your official phone number but, when they click to call, they’re actually clicking on a unique back-end click-to-call number. This unique phone number tracks that the call is coming from a mobile device.

With this method, call analytics track which campaign, keyword, app or search engine led the most consumers to your site. Each one of these tracked calls are placed in a report, and allow you to fine tune your campaign on Google or Bing. Using dynamic number insertion will also improve your SEO efforts.

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How often do call tracking reports come out?

Once it’s set up, call tracking is a self-service application. IVR Technology allows you to configure your call tracking application by logging on, selecting a number, and telling us where it should go.
Monthly reports are great at determining treads, but our reports allow your business to measure your results in real time. Then you can expand that report to see daily, weekly, monthly, or even seasonal treads.

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What details are included in a call tracking report?

In a typical campaign, we track:

  • Total number of calls made by phone number
  • Call date, time
  • Dialed number and campaign information
  • Caller’s location (name, address, if available)
  • Call duration
  • Call disposition and ranking

You can also opt for call recording. This allows for links of recorded phone calls to be placed directly into a report. With this a company can gain valuable insight in to how your customer service reps handle a call. Call recordings also serve an important training tool.

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On what types of advertising should unique phone numbers be placed?

In short, you’ll want to put a phone number on everything. This includes, but is definitely not limited to, the following:

  • Website / dynamic number insertion
  • Landing pages
  • Social media sites
  • PPC ads
  • Sales collateral
  • Print ads
  • Billboards
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Mobile App campaign
  • On-the-go ads: moving billboards or on vehicles

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Which format does IVR Tech Group use for call tracking reports ?

At IVR Tech, we can provide call tracking reports in multiple formats:

  • Excel, PDF, text or CSV
  • E-mail
  • API integration
  • CRM integration

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What sort of hardware, or software, do I need to install?

Call Tracking, provided by IVR Technology, is SaaS (Software as a service) There’s no need to install hardware, or worry about upgrading your systems to get set up. As soon as you have the number you want, you can get starting on advertising it.

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